Tesla bankruptcy?

Which I presume describes you, as well.

Do you actually know anyone who works at SpaceX? I do (or did). I can’t comment on your polls, but an engineering company needs more than just engineers to make it successful…


It also needs to keep its engineers and not burn them out.
You’ll notice the poll was among engineering students that hadn’t actually worked anywhere yet.

Now, the point was obviously that Tesla/space x have the pick of the litter of incoming students so they can choose the best of the best.

As someone working in an engineering company that attracts top tier talent, I will say that fresh out of college students generally need to develop quite a bit of on the job experience to be significant contributors to a product, unless we are talking fresh out of a PhD program.

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Since it is clear you suffer from some cognitive impairment and missed the entire point of my previous post let me spell it out for you. Whether I am senior CV engineer in FAANG or bagging groceries at the local market holds no relevance to the links I provided where objective experts in the machine learning / Computer Vision space share their highly educated views on Tesla’s current approach to full autonomy.

Now I won’t presume to have your incredible credentials of knowing someone who worked at SpaceX. But I will put forth that the only metric that matters is results and any objective, rational, and informed individual knows that SpaceX stands alone in that regard.

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Not necessary. Keep it civil. No need for snarky digs like this.

That goes for all, not just you.


You forgot STANFORD. For many many many years, if you did’t have that red seal on your engineering degree you didn’t get a callback.

The first sales advisor I met at Tesla in 2010 was a Stanford swimmer. Nice guy, was still there when I checked around 2016. Knew nothing about cars but could rattle off Tesla Roadster stats.

@Charliewat The Model X was crash tested by NHTSA but not IIHS (search for yourself). Tesla wouldn’t pay the $400k to let them crash. And the Model S hasn’t been tested by IIHS since 2017.

They seem to hold up just fine though

I was born in NY, DC is home, but I live in California now. And I test drove a Tesla before nearly anyone in this thread had heard of them. The VIP opening of the very first Tesla store with the SpaceX display was a blast.

Much better clarity of your statement

Woke up to more soggy Model 3 bumpers


I suppose this is FUD too. Or maybe a short-seller trying to sabotage the car so the stock plummets. I bet it’s a big oil lobbyist trying to kill the electric car business altogether.


Obviously the ghost of T Boone Pickens haunting Tesla because Natural Gas cars didn’t take off like he hoped.

“I love my Tesla, but”

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The CAR lost control??? I thought the driver is responsible for control.

I know teslas have qc and water issues but that had to be a serious puddle to rip that bumper off like that.

It’s not an isolated incident. @jeisensc has posted several others previously that had the same problem.

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They are. One problem with the Auto Pilot branding.

Nope this is a pretty well known problem with Model 3s built in Q2 on 2019.

Not the same issue but this is oddly satisfying:

You don’t have to convince me. I already know teslas are crap quality controlled/designed. Making cars is really complicated. Tesla hasn’t ironed it all out yet. Which is why I don’t expect them to survive. They’ve been living off investor and government money

Tesla is still learning how to build cars on a mass scale and they have come a long way. There is a significant difference in built quality between the original roadster, Model S/X, early Model 3 cars and recent build cars. Model Y supposedly will have a lot of lessons learned implemented over the Model 3 making the body design less alignment/fitment issue prone, also making the repairs easier/cheaper.

Now let’s flip the coin, Toyota has been making cars on a mass scale for decades now. Here is couple of Toyota news/comments that I have seen recently:

Problems can happen with even the best of the legacy manufacturers so no reason for me to think Tesla will fail because their cars are not problem-free. Why I think Tesla will survive is because of this:

They did this with a car that is on a declining segment of the market, imagine what Model Y can do in the hottest segment of the market.


It’s the car that keeps on getting better. Built-in weight reduction! :rofl:

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Not another day without some sort of tesla update. More frequent updates than the tesla sites.

I am going to creep on my ex’s Instagram site now


It’s an over the air update.


I thought it was over water…

Tesla passes VW in company valuation:

Those bonehead Tesla investors will never learn, they are all going bankrupt! :slight_smile: lol