Terrain SLE-1, $0 drive off, $159 including tax, 10k/24

We signed a lease yesterday for 2017 Terrain SLE-1 with MSRP of $28820, selling price of $26600ish, almost $6000 rebates, this included Farm Bureau. Started from $224 including tax with $0 drive off as “the lowest he can go” but we got it down to $159 per month including tax with $0 drive off. I’ll include details later.

We wanted to bring it down to $150 per month including tax, which I believe would be doable, but we are happy with this deal too.

This was in NorCal, Fremont Buick GMC. Salesperson to contact if anybody is interested is Justin Dorfman, Internet Sales Manager, (925) 446-2484. I mentioned I’d post it on a forum and Justin said he is fine with this, but we took the last Terrain he had at this price. He can help you with a different car deal, just mention you got his contact info from the forum. He also said that they will be getting more SLT-1s so similar deal might be possible next month.

Did you get a ($1500 non GM) conquest incentive or a GMC/Buick loyalty incentive ? Was your Terrain a Bonus Tag vehicle ?

I’m pretty sure it was tagged and we got $1500 conquest cash incentive. GM loyalty is $1500 too so it wouldn’t make any difference.

FWD or AWD? If AWD Unfortunately I doubt I can replicate in tri state area.

It was FWD, base model.

They covered drive off.

Can you list the Rebates as well. Thanks this should help

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Can you stack loyalty and conquest? I currently lease a GMC and a Toyota.

No you cannot combine those

Sorry, I can’t find the break down of rebates. I believe it included $1500 GM bonus cash, $1500 lease conquest, bonus tag, Farm Bureau and apparently sth else.

I actually got it:
$1240 GM Financial Lease Supported Lease Program, $1500 GM Competitive Lease Program, $1100 Buick GMC Select Model, $500 GM Incremental CCR Program, $1500 Buick & GMC Select Market Incremental CCR Program, $500 GM American Farm Buerau Private Offer

Thanks. Wow on select market and market incremental. Enjoy the car. North East doesn’t get these incremental incentives a lot

Just an FYI for those looking to match:

GMC / Buick Loyalty = $1500
Chevy Loyalty (GM) = $500

my mother would kill for this deal :frowning:

You sure that you didn’t mean that you’d kill your mother [not literally of course] for this deal? :smiley: