Tell me this is a horrible deal and not to pay over MSRP lol


Scared money doesn’t make money!

No you guys are wrong, I can vouch for what nycsimone is saying; most of the dealerships in Florida are straight up retarded. It is nothing like Northeast dealerships.

This pisses me off!
A great deal is where your happy & the dealer is happy!

OP - Care to answer?

I believe the 5k is being rolled in.

I’m in AZ and there are no dealers here with this vehicle. Found one in Palm Springs which is close.

Have not driven the car as again nobody has one to drive. But I’m sure it’s similar to my etron suv in function (with better range and looks) I’ve wanted one since I saw the concept in endgame…

Instead of making assumptions, why not confirm with the dealer?

If I were leasing a $100k+ car, I would definitely test drive it.

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