Tell me this is a horrible deal and not to pay over MSRP lol


If you wanna keep that $5, you’ll need to deposit $500 to have no fees.

I’d be surprised to see much in the way of Costco cash going towards a GT anytime soon.

Not true.

I have had an account there for years with less than $80 lol no fees ever…

I do not recall getting charged any fees. I have $10 in my account. I will check for fees, but that balance has not increased or decreased in months.

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Checking? Well FML.

Yeah their checking account…no fees…

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Another reason for John to hate PenFed! LOL

Why does he hate them? I have no complains lol

Well…basic ineptness. I did have some issues with them sending checks with the proper amount to my dealer in 2015, but the broker and dealer were inept too, so there was blame all around, and lots of bad blood. Par for the course.

edit: I’ll add, that by the third check, the amount and proper dealer name on the check, and PenFed was rock solid, and shipped my title in less than week after final payment.


Yep, they have a free account, and I somehow ended up with a ‘PenCheck Access’ checking…must have done an errant click somewhere in my life.

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nada, the best incentives was $2500 for A8’s. Nothing for the etron GT.

I’d rather ride a bicycle than pay over sticker price on a car.

I went to look at a Grand Cherokee L last week (here in Florida) and the dealership had it marked up $6k over sticker (basic Limited trim…nothing special) plus a $3k dealer BS package. I laughed at them and left…meanwhile 3/4 of their sales staff was sitting around lounging doing nothing on a Friday. This was at one of the largest CJDR dealerships in the state and they had over 150 new cars on the lot including 15 Grand Cherokee L models. They wouldn’t even show me what the Chrysler Affiliate Rewards price was even after I gave them a control number.

Right but this has nothing to do with the dealership itself. Interests of sales staff and management/ownership are never aligned, and are even more misaligned currently. Most employees of volume brands are on volume-based pay plans. Despite the dealer making much more with the limited cars they have, salespeople are suffering.

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Someone will buy it or they wouldn’t have thrown it out there. Or, they saw you as a tire kicker and not serious, and just wanted to get rid of you, or get lucky.

150 new cars doesn’t mean much if they typically have 500 at this time of the year.

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Might have been a high number before the pandemic, but not now especially if they’re not getting high allocation in coming months so they may only have these to sell with only few more coming.

I suppose the takeaway is: nobody is thrilled, some dealers may survive, some buyers will bend over, and the rest ride out the storm.

I’m certain the reason is they think someone will pay that. No doubt. And maybe there is someone willing to pay that but it isn’t me.

Looking online several dealers in the area have internet prices that are 5-6% below MSRP listed so I can pop into another dealership in the next few days and see if they’re willing to make a deal.

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Dealers here seem to use that strategy down here for people walking through the showroom door with no gameplan or basic knowledge. It has to be a small percentage but I am sure that it adds a nice bump to the dealer profit margin at the end of each month.

Uncooked? E-Tron should be able to power a hot pot at least!