Tell me this is a horrible deal and not to pay over MSRP lol


2022 Audi E-Tron GT Premium Plus
MSRP: 109790
Selling Price: 119675

36/M 10K 0 Down

2k / month

I’d be trading in a 19 E-tron SUV and they’d be giving me about 5k over payoff…

It’s horrible and don’t do it.


Less horrible if you purchase, still horrible.

Here goes: this is a horrible deal and you shouldn’t pay MSRP :joy:


Not bad at all. Technically only $5k above MSRP.

But still Don’t do it.

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Who am I to tell you how to spend 2k every month?..

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Employees of that dealership have to eat. As does the GM. Your donation would be greatly appreciated I’m sure. You want that E-Tron. You need that E-Tron. Nike. (Just do it)

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Yes, and they’ll be eating lobster while the OP eats uncooked Ramen.

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We can get you an order at sticker.

First off, you are being charged over MSRP for this car. I know it is a 2022 model, but find a dealer that will sell to you at MSRP.

Then use the lease hacker calculator to figure out what you should be paying (once you have all the inputs).

Is that $5k being rolled into the deal? If yes, I would run from this dealer.

What part of the country are you located? How many dealers have you contacted? If less than 5, then cast a wider net. If this is too much work, just work with a broker. They do charge a fee, but it might be worth your time and money.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a broker. Just giving you options, if you need them.

can you get me out of my current lease as well?

This is the Audi version of the Taycan? Wasn’t it supposed to lease a smidge better than a Taycan?

I would at least wait until the next Costco program to see if they give anything (lol)…

I was thinking the same and I thought Costco was extended. How big a dent would it make on the payment lol. I think it looks better than a Taycan though.

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The daddy Taycan (4S) yes. The base I thought was less.

Granted July was a lifetime ago

taycans are 20k over list on a factory order now btw lol.


@nokaoi1 - Sign up for a Penfed membership. There is a thread about it on the forum. All you need to become a member is open a bank account with at least $5. After 60 days, you will be able to generate a certificate for an additional discount off MSRP on certain Audi models.

Not all cars are eligible. However, if you are in no rush to lease this car, just wait till early next year.

Btw, why this car? Just curious. Did you test drive it?

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I don’t think the OP is looking for help. I think he was just being facetious


It’s not a horrible deal and you should pay over MSRP


look at it this way. a year from now, covid may have mutated to some crazy ebola-like virus and could kill us all. get the car. life is too short.


Smartest thing I’ve heard all day!

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