Taxes in Florida

Recently got a Acura quote that included taxes on the purchase price, is this correct in Florida? I thought you only pay taxes on the monthly payment? Thanks

@cpoulos if it’s a lease you don’t pay taxes on the whole car in FL (unlike some other states like GA). For a purchase/finance, its on the whole car.

Yes, Florida taxes the lease monthly payments. Ex: a $200.00 a month lease will be $214.00 a month with taxes. Never pay taxes upfront here in FL.

The only taxes you pay are the monthly. Sometimes there is a rebate that might be taxable, so that could be paid upfront but it shouldn’t be much, most of the time its just rolled into the lease.

can someone explain this quote I got. From this topic it looks like I should only pay taxes on the monthly payment. But I dont know why I get that large sales tax number

MSRP 52,245
Discount -6,303
Rebate -11,500

Price = 34,442

Sales Tax 2,857.46
Dealer Fee 599
Registration 250

Purchase Price = 38,148.46

Monthly Payment $350-359 w/ 0 down.

That’s probably listed under purchase/finance section, not the leasing section. Very common with AutoNation quotes.

I dont get the same lease numbers they get unless I include the sales tax portion into the purchase price. the residual is 63% and .00165 MF for a 24m/10k lease

What model is that ? I have never seen a rebate that big for an Acura.

sorry it was for a bmw i3 not an acura, was just searching the forum for tax questions

Is this for a white i3 loaner in MA?

I dont remember I emailed a bunch of dealers, but probably?

That $6303 off MSRP is the number that stuck out to me. I was talking to them about that vehicle, but they wouldn’t go low enough for me.