Taking Delivery of Car in California (Out of State Lease)

Flying down tomorrow to drive my car back up from nor-cal, dealer calls me today and says we have to drive together to Nevada with a notary to sign something to prove the car was given out of state before handing the car over to me. Apparently I can’t take delivery in California for an out of state purchase. Is there any validity in this? Thanks!

If you take delivery in state you would have to pay state taxes

All of the paperwork has been completed at this point, just need to pick up the car. I don’t think they can charge me any CA tax…

Yes but paperwork is based on the fact that you were taking out of state delivery. If you then take delivery is state that would basically be fraud.

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I see. So do I have any other options here? Driving to Nevada is totally out of the way for me, so hoping there were some other options.

Pay to transport the car out of state

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Too late for that now, I fly out tomorrow morning. Not sure why the dealership decided to tell me the day before I go out there.

Can you pay for a California temp tag? I some mention here about that.

Trust me the dealership isn’t happy about having to go to NV too.