Taking bumped APR/MF markup to save money on car price?

Posted in the 10k used car thread that we might sell/flip one of the Honda leases for up to 2k in equity(knowing we’d have to sell to a Honda or Acura dealer)

Would pay cash for a used car. What are ways to go about being “sold” dealer marked up financing, or, to use their F&I training terminology, word tracks to think I am willing to take a 14% APR car loan (of course would check to see no pre-payment penalty, which I THINK all loans are nowadays, aside from BHPH lots?)? Would pay off as soon as account funds.

If you do that they will black list you, so that’s your choice.

Don’t buy a used car in the =<$10,000 segment from a dealer.

Always private party and

Always PPI.


Who’s “they”? The dealer?

The dealer and the bank…it’s a THEY

You sure? I have done the same and no issue.

The banks and the dealers get screwed, usually the bank takes it out on the dealer, but i can see that the bank wont be kind to a guy who originates and then cancels in the future then asks again for a loan

Most new captive banks don’t have charge backs to dealers after 3 months but don’t know about used car loans. At your own risk of course but if you can just be upfront with what you want and your expectations. Even ask, when can I refinance this without it hurting you etc…

The dealers? Please. There staff is revolving door. They won’t remember you in 6 months


finance will, and those are the guys who stay

There are thousands of car dealers in the country. So one blacklists you. Big deal.

Just tell them you are going to pay if off right away so they don’t get a chargeback. They will set it up with a bank that pays a flat rate instead of one that requires the loan be open for a certain amount of time.

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Don’t wait for that 90 day rollll

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