Takeover Bolt Premier lease, 26 months, 36k miles left

The monthly is $319, includes the NY tax, and it has both option packages, the fast charger. and the optional paint.

Since this has to be sold in NY (and I am Upstate) the market is somewhat limited. My thinking is that since the original “owner” got the new car experience, the monthly should be reduced for the last 26 months. The other factor is that there is no way I will put all those miles on it (unless fast charging becomes a bit more available) and yet I will pay for them.

I thought that getting the “owner” to pay the $595 transfer fee would even things up a little, does this sound reasonable??

If the owner really wants out of the lease then I would approach them and tell them that I would take if they pay transfer fee. My current lease is ending and I decided to swap for my next. I got them to pay two months and transfer fee. They were highly motivated to get out of the lease. The only drawback are the miles. They only got 10K miles a year but I do about 12.5K miles. But I was told that I can buy miles early at 23 cents a mile. I’m probably gonna get 2K miles because of the money I saved in monthly and transfer fees.