Take the Audi E-Tron NO LOYALTY $455 +tax offer I couldn’t take

If anyone is interested, I was able to get a very close deal to the unicorn but decided against it last minute. The dealer (LA area) wants to let it go ASAP so if if you’re interested, message me. I know this sounds sketchy but I love this forum and I’m grateful for all the help, so why not see if anyone’s willing to take on the deal?

Black/black, 24months, 7.5k miles, max MSDs, about $2900 down for taxes and fees, $455+tax. No loyalty required but Costco is required.


Do you need costco?

Yes, do you have it?

2900 down for taxes and fees? Down payment is not taxes and fees.

Man if an EV would work for my camping trips I’d jump on this. Just don’t trust the range and don’t wanna get stuck on NF land with an empty battery.


Yep, zero cap reduction so nothing technically down, but you’ll pay around $7500 including taxes, fees, and MSDs.

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I will take. Will they do out of state reg?

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I will take the deal. Ask dealer to call me and get my deposit lol.

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That’s a really solid deal and thanks for sharing. Someone should grab this.


No out of state deals, unfortunately.

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That’s a lot of change for just 7.5k miles per year. Still a good deal for anyone in Cali looking for an e-tron. That extra $2k in loyalty (if you qualify) would make this deal even better.

Prob no loyalty because its a demo, my XC90 lease is up soon, sent PM.

I don’t follow. If you own or lease a MY2009 or newer Audi, you qualify for loyalty.

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That’s not how it works, Audi demo leases are just plain terrible.

Poster meant this price does not requests loyalty.

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EV’s are perfect for camping. Find an RV park and hookup to a 14-50.

Experience: Own 2x


Interesting - I should clarify I’m talking about dispersed camping in NF or BLM land so no plug-ins available. I suppose I could charge a battery at home and then plug-in the EV to that, not sure what kind of range I’m looking at adding. But for state park and nat’l park camping with plugs, then yeah, totally doable.

Just keep a bunch of these in the glove box.


Just got word that one of the hackers here got the deal last night! The salesman says he’s got 3 left. Message me for his info.


My i get info about this.

Just grabbed one of the last ones, much thanks to @SilveredLake

My deal was slightly different. I was able to get loyalty through family and got 10k/24 for basically the same price as the OP.

Also added audi care for $14/month which Audi will refund $500 at the end of the lease making it a net gain of $170…somebody at Audi failed math here.