Take It or Leave It. Toyota Lease Deals in August (Texas) - Tax Credit on almost all Toyota vehicles. (TFS)

Hi, guys!

Spreadsheet is up!

From 8/7/2020 - 8/12/2020, I will be in the dealership from 7:30 to 9:00 PM.

If you need to reach me, text me because I won’t be able to answer any of the calls while I am away from the dealership.

Payment is only an estimation. Exact quotes are pulled from my Desking Management System. In another word, text me for an exact quote!!!

I cannot do out of state leasing. Apparently, there is a restriction for some Toyota dealerships in Texas and Toyota of Dallas is one of them.

NOTICE: Some vehicles’ leases are cheaper in US Bank (Tax Included) than Toyota with the tax credit.


Thanks for the updates Derek. I guess we will all be waiting for Aug 4.

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Thanks Derek, I set a reminder to check back August 4th

I appreciate the update. Very informative. I was at my local Toyota dealer recently and I can’t believe how low they are on inventory. They are parking the cars sideways to take up space.

15 Tacomas ready to be delivered. I have the most Tacoma inventory in DFW as of yesterday!

DM me or text me, if interested.
I will be starting pull triggers on the 4th of August when the rebates change!

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2021 Tundras are coming in on end of August!!! So, if you want to lease 2020 Tundras, I suggest you move fast!!! (Pre-selling Tundras starting Tuesday!!)

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Updating spreadsheet today and tomorrow!


There a link to that spreadsheet somewhere that I missed?

Will 2021 be new body style?

Yeah, I took it down last month because I didn’t any trucks and SUVs last month. I actually should say, I will be “posting” a spreadsheet, not updating it. Sorry for the confusion!


2022 Tundra, not 2021

Process of updating the Spreadsheet. Give me about tomorrow evening! Thanks for your patience!

Toyota Tax Credit

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Thanks for the great deal on the Highlander XLE bro!

No BS and straight forward!

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Spreadsheet will be up around 11:30 PM tonight.

Glad to see the tax credit. Looking forward to seeing what the Tundras will run this month!

Hi, so…

Payment on US Bank is still cheaper with tax included than the TFS with tax credit.

I will post something up this tonight!


lol I had the hunch… Looking to see some numbers on Taco

1.25 in Taco Bell !!

Was waiting to peep the Spreadsheeet, then I realized out of state is not possible.

it’s 11:40 though… LOL