Takata airbag recall and short term leases

Hi All,

My wife’s car is one of the many being recalled because of the airbag problem from Takata. I don’t want her driving a car that has a faulty safety device that could kill her or my kids, so I’m trying to figure out what options I’ve got.

I’m going to approach BMW about providing a courtesy vehicle until the part is installed (which may take months). If they are unable or unwilling to do so, I want to look at other options. I have not heard of leases that are any shorter in duration than 12 months, but wanted to check with you guys to see if you have heard of something like this.

Any suggestions??

Thanks much!

I’ve never tried it before, but one option could be taking over an existing lease. Check Swapalease.

The downside is that you’ll effectively be driving a used vehicle, and you can be liable for any existing damage at lease end.

Easiest way would be calling dealer and telling him that you want to exit because safety is a concern. They are going to penalize you but they might help you work a deal. Other option would be calling BMW customer relations, explain your concern. Tell them that you want out no matter what, they can work with dealer or wave any penalties. Last would be sell it off at carmax but that would hurt you most.
You can get short term leases on certified cars or managers specials. I have never found a deal on swaplease, but give it a try.