Tacoma TRD Off Road in Utah

Been searching far and wide for a deal on a 2019 Tacoma off road in Utah. Finally found a dealer that had the perfect car for me and asked for a lease sheet to be sent over. This is what was i received


So I throw the numbers into the calculator and my monthly payment are a solid $140 cheaper than what the lease sheet is showing me.

What am I missing here? I read on these forums that leasing In Utah is notoriously difficult ( dealer said MSD’s only “work” with sub-prime lenders.) But I am not sure where this difference is coming from.

EDIT: updated the calculator numbers to fix the mistake I made on sell price.

The numbers still won’t add up but the first thing you did wrong is put their sales price inclusive of rebate on the calculator. 37,499 includes 1,500 of rebate according to the price sheet.

They are charging you sales tax on the whole vehicle upfront, not monthly.

Also, your selling price should be $38999. Incentive comes off that.

EDIT: Their discount structure for the lease has to be different from the Cash Purchase Option on the right.