Tacoma SR Lease - Too good to be true?

I asked for US Bank MF/Residual from my dealer (I’m in Kansas City, MO). For a 2020 Tacoma SR 4x4, it’s 85% residual (!) and .00110 MF for a 24/10 lease. There is also a $1,500 incentive from Toyota, and the real kicker is that my dealer offers $4,000 off ANY Tacoma. So that leads us to the deal below, which my salesman is checking on in the morning. What am I missing? Are they actually going to give me this?

MSRP : $34,000
Sale Price : $30,000 ($4,000 discount)
Incentive : $1,500
MF : .00110
Residual : 85% ($28,900)
Acquisition Fee : $650 (capitalized)
Admin Fee : $199.50
Capitalized Cost: $29,150 ($30,000 - $1,500 incentive + $650 acq)

Monthly payment : $81 ($74 before 8.6% MO tax)
Due at signing : $281 (first month +admin fee)

Calculator Link

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That looks insane. Maybe that “$4,000 off any Tacoma” is not a real discount, or bundled with the $1,500 Toyota incentive.

It would be cool to see this getting signed.

Yeah I’m guessing OP is double-counting the $1,500 that’s already included

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First, the residual is 84%, not 85% on 24/12k. 85% is 24/10k.

Second, you should make sure if they have already included dealer add-ons on the truck.

I am a dealer here in DFW and that deal looks insane to me without the tax credit.


Wow. 24/12 with 10k makes no sense haha. I meant to communicate 24/10 as @derekoh1991 points out. Thanks for catching my typo.

The website very clearly lists the incentive separate from the $4,000. I understand that doesn’t mean I’ll get it, or that the website is right.

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Best thing to do is email the sales manager explain your quite and how you got there and have them sett he deal up, go an sign, that literally would be saving you time vs posting it here.

OP said his salesman is checking in the morning.

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What dealer is this that we can take a look at website to verify?

The $1500 is probably taxed, right? And you don’t have DMV fees in MO?

Hey, why not really push it and drop to $0 DAS but max out the MSDs for a payment of $53. ;b

And, yes, I’m aware MSDs won’t work with US Bank (i think).

Do you know the residual on the SR5 for 24/10? TRD Pro and Off-road are 79% but I didn’t get the SR5.

It probably is taxed, I am not sure. Yes, small amount for plates, think it was maybe $100 for my other Toyota lease from same dealer.

The Residual is at 80%

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I believe a dealer can do both the 4k discount as it is 11.76% (I have been getting 12% off Tundras) plus the 1.5k rebate.


:eyes:getting me excited. I’ll let everyone know what happens.

What bank is this through?

US Bank?

Yeah, US Bank. Which is why the Toyota incentive can also be applied.

Are those residuals nationwide? Thinking about working up a deal for a relative that is about to get fleeced on a Chevy.

I don’t know, unfortunately. US Bank doesn’t share them online, so I had to get them from a dealer.

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Usbank has a minimum amount they will finance. So even if you could get $85/mo (never happen) they won’t buy the lease


If you run into issues with the minimum financed amount, ask for the rebate back to you instead using it in the deal.