T6 Momentum XC90 39/10K 684.28

Hello Guys,

Could you please help me decide if it is a good deal?

MSRP 64035.00
Dealer Discount: 10.820.14
Sales Price: 53,214.59
Destination Fee:995
Sales Tax:2,262.1
Doc Fee: 299
Residaul: 54%
Monthly: $684.28 - 39 Months -10000 Miles

Thank you for your help! I really appreciate the knowledge this forum provides

Were are you located - VA and buying in MD? Your tax looks high. Acquisition fee marked up by $300

Yes. I live in VA and Buying in MD

@Ursus: Money Factor is 0.00110
Could you please let me know ,what could be a better deal?

Yep, I get the same $685/mo with tax, acquisition and dealer fees rolled in. You are at 9.5% off, which is strong. You can either try to get extra $350 off or bring the acquisition fee down to $695. It will lower payments by $7-8/mo. Also - with 10 MSDs it is $639/mo

Thanks for the info. I will try to negotiate the same.

But it’s still a strong deal, there is not much left there, really.

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I have an another lease offer from another dealer for the same T6 Momentum,
MSRP 60,730
Lease Price: 53,608
Taxes: 2,331.95
Acquistion Fee: 995
Doc Fee: 699
36 Months - 857.93 - 10K Miles

He came down to 700 per month with 3K down and MF of 0.00143
I am sure he is quoting pretty high on this.

Is there even a question? :slightly_smiling_face:
On your first lease it is $691/mo on 36/10

sorry. :slight_smile:
I am more interested into the other T6. It has options what I need.
The first one is 4K more with options I am not much interested in.

Please help me with the second one. Do get a better deal of it.

Just use the same MF/RV, 4.15% tax on full sales price with rolled in acq ($695) and dealer fee, sales price = 10% off MSRP, $4,750 Volvo allowances.

Looks like $637/mo on 39/10 before MSDs.
Is it Fairfax Volvo?

Thanks ursus. Thats from Alexandria,VA

Oh, they are new. They just bought that dealership with all cars from Don Beyer about 6-8 months ago. I got nowhere with them, they don’t know much about Volvos and seem like old school.

Yup. The Alexandria dealer is not budging anywhere. 637$ 39/10 before MSDs would be a great deal me.

PM me, I can send you to my dealer. See if he can do 10% off and buy rate.

For the First deal. He quoted me 732/mo on 36/10. And he said he is not aware of MSDs.