Suze Orman: Don't ever lease a car


Not yet discussed here is credit. Per this article from Time, average credit score of Americans under 50 is below tier 1. Getting a good lease deal with poor credit is far more difficult.


This seems to be an ever dwindling population of vehicles (or at least the ones I have been shopping recently). Maybe possible at lower trim levels. It is frustrating to not be able to replace the head unit in an old vehicle because it controls HVAC, etc.


Yeah, but what would be the fun in Bushackr?


There’s been numerous studies that handsfree has nothing to do with safety. It’s the distraction of the phone conversation being on a different level than conversing with passengers in the car. If you only had one hand, it might be a different story…


From a simplistic, one size fits all approach perspective he wasn’t wrong - majority of depreciation is at beginning of purchase period, etc. I wouldn’t expect him to understand or even if he did understand share with his clients the nuances of car leasing and how there are times when it makes sense to lease, for the right kind of client and vehicle.

What he should have screamed at them for is why they only have $15K saved up if they bring home $6k and their expenses are only $2k.


That’s precisely what I’m talking about. I still see it all the time. Somebody holding out their phone with one hand and driving with the other. What really ticks me off is when they are driving a car that definitely has Bluetooth, but they are too stupid/lazy to set it up. People aren’t going to stop talking on phones in cars. The only comparison is using Bluetooth to using your phone. Of course using Bluetooth will not be as safe as using nothing at all the same as not having someone throw knives at an apple on my head is safer than having someone throw knives at an apple on my head.


We drove a 5 year old highlander hybrid for 4 years and the TCO was 13k purchase - 6k trade in + 2k water pump, timing belt + tires/brakes = 9k for 4 years = 2.25k per year and 187.5 per month. A brand new one would lease for $500 for an average person and perhaps $400 for a hackr deal. There is no doubt the brand new highlander is nice but the old one did the job too (and yes that did not have carplay or android auto)


I call it eating the pizza, that’s what is looks like when people talk on their speaker phone while driving. Eventually phones won’t work in your car unless they are connected through car play/android auto, the insurance companies will take care of that at some point.


Totally agree. He doesn’t mention, however, that lease rebates and dealer discounts are also front-loaded. So, even if you have $8,000 of depreciation in the first 3 years of a $20,000 car you could also have a $2,000 dealer discount and another $2,000 in manufacturer lease incentives that brings the cost of the first 3 years to only $4,000 for the end user.


Yeah, I was kind of referring to that too. Some are virtually impossible without heavy mod/customization.


What’s funny is that you couldn’t get Android Auto/Apple Carplay even if you got a new one today. Stupid Toyota and their Entune bologna.


How ever did you survive driving a car without android auto/CarPlay? Scary stuff! :joy:


Don’t ever listen to Suze Orman


It is foolish to paint this advice with a broad stroke. Leasing will always be cheaper for some, and no so much for others. There are way too many individual points to consider.

I lease because I am lazy, plain and simple. Don’t want to mess with an older car, and I have the money to not have to. I also happen to be able to figure out the math, and know my “break even / savings” point.

If you want a 12+ year car commitment, and will deal with selling your old car at the end, it may be cheaper, but it definitely won’t be easier or better.


I sent her a message on LinkedIn. Perhaps we can get through to her.


She will never say publicly she changed her mind, even if she really does. She would lose the trust of her audience. Same with Dave Ramsey. Don’t tell me he doesn’t use credit cards. Way too many perks he would be missing out on.


I’m the same way. I’ve been a Jeep owner most of my life, and I actually used to enjoy working on them. But as I get older, and now with 7 and 9 year old girls, I just don’t want to work on cars every weekend. And I really love my Apple Carplay. I think my $199/mo lease payment is somewhere between owning a 10 year old Toyota and paying $499/mo on a $25k car for a 60mo.


Especially if you are male. I remember some of her early shows (decade+ ago), her default reply to the female callers was “girlfriend you need to drop that good for nothing man…”


Yep, I sold my last project car when the kids were around 5-7, just no more time. A few years later, I blew up the 95 Volvo, and decided I was done screwing with it. Got a civic for $184 a month and never looked back.

Leasing allows you to easily manage the funds. You know where you will be in 3 years. Get a lease in the $150-$200 mark and it is hard to lose. My Volt was $6600 out of pocket total. A new car with no worries for 3 years, for $6600! Between that and spending $6600 on an used car, the answer is pretty straight forward in my opinion. No muss no fuss!


yes you can