SUV suggestions



Ok I have done a lot of digging on here and on Edmonds forums for my best deal. I am looking for a good SUV lease and looking for suggestions from you all to see if I am missing anything. Here are my criteria.

No brand loyalty but prefer no ford
Prefer 3rd row but not required
Leather interior
Like to keep my lease around 400/month and get the most I can for it.
No money to put down except 1st month payment. Maybe a little more but not enough to cover Taxes

I live in TX so taxes on full vehicle. It seems I am either going to get a “luxury” brand low end compact suv like an x2 or a larger domestic in that price. My big issue I think is lack of down payment. Usually would not be a problem but we are going on a big trip at the same time our Ford lease is up and I just don’t think I have enough to put down. Other option would be extend my ford lease. Lease is due 5/3/19


Jeep GC Limited


Obligatory QX60 suggestion


Does your cash-flow support a larger payment if the effective can be reduced through rebates?

I ask because you could potentially use the Owner’s Choice loan at BMW to hack a deal for a X5 xdrive40e. Consider this one:

Suppose you can get them down to 15-20% off before incentives and you go and test drive, getting the OL code, then you apply OL and the incentives. Your monthlies should end up in the $550 range for a three year lease. If you do it quickly, you will be able to apply for the Texas rebate (they’re down to about 170, so probably need to apply within a week). Using the fact that the car will be titled in your name, you will be able to use the Federal tax credit (assuming you have a large enough liability). That would bring it down to around $360 per month, effectively, but of course your payments would be >$500.

*** I should emphasize, they may not be willing to cut such aggressive deals on this car… many of us got those discounts on 330e’s, but they had almost 100 at the time ***


Yeah I’m going to have to take a serious look at the QX60


You might consider the tiguan too, it’s got a kids third row and a better infotainment setup than an X2


Yeah, I keep getting tempted by the low pricing, but keep resisting.

Why? Way overdue for a refresh. Outdated inside and out. Infotainment looks like it’s from 2005. Car drives like an Winnebago. CVT ruins the performance the engine could provide, requires premium fuel, and gets poor mileage. If you live in a rural area and haul a big family around on non-curvy roads, the price makes it a steal. If you enjoy driving, particularly a modern vehicle, you may need to look elsewhere. I know I am.


Andy. How is the end of lease on the BMW Owner’s Choice? I thought I read somewhere there is a ballon payment at the end or that some where having trouble


It has a return option, just like a lease. See my thread on my 330e for the clause I scanned from my contract.


BMW also has a classic balloon loan, but Owner’s Choice is a different loan that is only available in TX, GA, and IL because of our tax laws.


Well that San Antonio dealership doesn’t seem to want to deal. Somehow they are at 800/month. I showed him my calcs and he said they ran it as owners choice. To lease would be different and then gave me pricing that wasn’t really any different than what he gave me in the owners choice. They aren’t discounting it as much as advertised. It has 4K miles in it


Yeah, if you can’t get them to take >15% before incentives then they must not care too much about moving them. I think the 330e’s had lots of things pushing them to discount heavily - 100 on lot, outgoing 3 platform, and outgoing battery size.

Tou can get a Tiguan for $300/mo during the VW sign and drive right now, and that is without any negotiation.


I agree. Frustrated but oh well. Like I said, I am not set in any brand just no Ford. I might actually look at the new telluride as the numbers don’t look horrible there either. Will for sure check out the sign and drive at VW


They called back today with a much more reasonable offer. Still higher than I figured but not by much


It looks like they knocked $1k off what the incentive should be but they gave me the $1k on the test drive.


That’s not terrible after rebates/credits - $440 per month. You’d just need to get the deal done quickly and probably hand deliver the application that day.


What about a base MDX or MDX TECH Fwd? Looking at this based on the deals @aronchi has in NY.


Ungirtunantly the Tax for me kills that deal. I’m going to look at VW today. They claim 75-80% off taxes and 1st month payment are covered under the sign and drive. Gonna look at Tiguan and atlas. I want the x5 but wife isn’t sure about it.


I tried VW today. Looking at the Atlas. We really like the atlas. Not sure I can make the numbers work though. 5k off MSRP, covering 2k of the taxes and still can’t seem to get to the 1% rule. I think it may be the RV being only 52%


On that X5, I think $4250 is correct for Texas, it is for Kansas anyway because I just leased one. I got 12% off before incentives for reference.