SUV Recommendations - $300 or below

First I want to say thank you everyone for your help with my Q50 deal back in March. I appreciate it.

The GF is looking for an SUV for her parents. Catch is, payment must be $300 max. Any vehicles out there you could recommend? On my list, I have MDX, QX30 and CX5 but for $300, they may be a reach, no?

Lease requirements: pretty open as they don’t drive much… 2-3 years, 10-12k/year
Located in Texas.


You could get a QX30 under $300/mo but have you seen one/driven one? It’s alot smaller than the MDX or CX5.

lower optioned CX-5 could be had for under 300/mo too

Thanks. I’ve seen the QX30 but haven’t driven it. CX5 looks good so will definitely look into it. Any other SUV yo would recommend? I was considering Hyundai but have no experience with them…

MDX is huge compared to the other two, look at the RDX. probably will be over 300 though. Also consider the VW Tiguan

If RDX is over $300, then there’s about a 0% chance you can get MDX for under that. Look at Terrain Denali. Might be possible to get that for $300. Shouldn’t be too hard to get a Terrain SLE for under $300

Any particular requirements other than it being an SUV? AWD, leather, etc.?

Ah yes, meant to say RDX, not MDX. VW Tiguan looks good. Thanks

Not really… parents aren’t picky. They have been driving a base altima for several years now.

Meant to say RDX… I’m thinking it will be higher than $300. Terrain Denali def worth a look. Thanks

A lower trim CX-5 is do-able (search the forum for threads, I think there were a few deals posted in the past week or so that were under $300) and a nicely optioned Forester is do-able since it’s the outgoing MY. Not sure where they are located as that may open up some other options depending on tax, etc.

Keep in mind when looking at the other deals on the site that you will have to account for the 6.25% sales tax in Texas on the full purchase price of the car. On a $30K sales price you are looking at over $50 a month just in sales tax. Make sure you ask about tax rebates while you are shopping…

You can most likely get the Tiguan S for under $300/mo. I got mine for $199/mo with zero down, $650 drive off in SoCal. It drives really nice. It’s roomy. I had the EPC light come on three times, but they were finally able to track it down to some camshaft sensor, and it’s fixed now.

We went to an Acura dealership yesterday too look at the 2018 MDX. The sales guy was really trying to push us into leasing a 2018 RDX loaner - they had like a dozen lined up. He said that he can give really great deals on those, so those might be a possibility for under $299, but you would have to go to the dealership for those deals.


Look at Marketplace threads for Nissan Rogue and VW Tiguan Limiited (the Limited is not a trim level on the Tiguan, it’s a different body style).

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Rav4 XLE should lease under 300$

I leased a brand new 2018 RDX in Riverside for under $300 per month (factor in the drive-off), so the loaner fleet should be a lot cheaper.

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Just get them a terrain

I just did a QX60 under $300

Which trim did you get?

The new Tiguan base should be low 200s. Even the S you can get below $300. The Tiguan Limited runs less than $200.

The 2018 Base RDX you might be able to get for under $300, but it might be just over.

Subaru Forester except the Touring Trim. Also Subaru most Outbacks and Crosstreks.

Terrain Denali will prob be over $400. Base Terrains are 250ish now?

Unlikely given the TX taxes. His taxes alone would be 6.25% of $45,000+