Suggestions on getting best lease deal on 2018 Audi Q5

Hello from St. Paul, MN. Hope you are good and thanks for helping a new member.
I am planning to lease three Audi Q5 (2018 models) from a dealer. What should I do to get the best lease $/month? We are planning to lease for three years (12k/year). Anyone has scored a good deal on 2018 model of Q5? I do work for a big corporate. Any suggestions/hacks/tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys.

Hack Alfa Stelvio, if you want to save some money.

Thx but only looking for Q5

Q5 doesn’t lease well. You’re going to overpay versus an NX, Stelvio, or even an RDX

Does Audi have any fleet programs like Mercedes etc?

Yes, they do. How do I get advantage of that?

I do not know. I’d start by searching this site and the web. I remember MB fleet program being fairly easy to find and get my rebate form.

I saw somewhere that there was a program but it was pulled in 2016. I’ll see if I can find the info again & will update. I have done some casual searching on new programs but with no luck

Edit: program was pulled in March 2016, Audi Club NA offers a 6% discount however you need to be a member for 6 months (annual cost is $49)

thanks much for info

Looking on Honcker at Q5s and the best price I see is $716/mo with first month due at signing… On a $44k MSRP vehicle. OUCH. OP you can do much, much better than that for $716/month, hell you can lease a range rover Velar for less than that.

You’d be better off just doing a purchase OP.

Thanks and I am thinking same as well- to stay away from leasing Q5. Looks like this is their best selling model and leasing is not good on this.