Suggestions on a midsize SUV/sedan for $400-450/mo?

I’m looking for some suggestions on a lease for a sporty sedan or midsize sporty suv for around $400-450/mo with $2000 down(besides the QX60, I’ve seen that one pop up a lot in posts). I’m in the Midwest in Kansas and so far the deals only seem to be in California who won’t lease to out of state buyers. I’d definitely consider demo/loaner cars as well. I’ve had zero luck with a lot of the dealerships’ websites out here so any help or guidance would be appreciated! My GLA250 lease is about up and it’s time to move on to the next!

Q50 or 330i from Chicago or PA

Take a gander at @isellnissan demo deals. Some of them are downright legit, now. And in your region (ish).

@anon92897398 thanks for the shout out boss :slightly_smiling_face:. We can use the GLA250 for loyalty and get rid of your disposition fee by going into another Mercedes. I have some killer demo deals


Boom. Maybe a loaner C300 with a sport package, or something?

Would a loaner be feasible for OP’s budget?

Can add base/tech Acura RDX? Acura TLX A Spec? 2018 Alfa Giulia and Stelvio?

I am in the same boat.
Looking for <500$ mid size SUV to replace my old 2016 3.7L QX50 .
My challenge is i am used to speedy engine and these new QX50 drive like shit.

My fav so far was the honda passport but i would like to have a traffic jam assist / Adaptive cruse with slow start stop .

Any suggestions will be welcome .

thought about a Q5?

I’d consider a Q5 for sure but haven’t found one close to the 450 price point

Just gotta put $5k down! :rofl:


Look at this “amazing deal” I was quoted on a guilia… my god.

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0 discount! Never realized how popular these cars were that a dealer out there would offer no discount… inventory must be limited. end sarcasm

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You could easily get a well-optioned S60 for that; S90 if you wanted a bigger car. You’d probably be pretty close on an XC60.