Suggestions for "Compact" EV/EUV

Hi! I’ve been using LeaseHackr for a longtime to help my friends and myself get great lease deals. But now I’m in a pickle (well, not quite a pickle, but close).

We managed to score an amazing condo… but the parking spot is compact and against the wall of the garage (i.e., the spot is the last one before the wall). Pulling our Subaru Forrester [182.1" long / 71.5" wide] in is nearly impossible, so I’m looking for a new vehicle that is easier to maneuver into the spot. Since we do have a garage and live in Jersey City, I’m looking for an EV/EUV (or PHEV) since 95% of our trips are 10 miles or less.

I used to have a MINI—so I’m ABSOLUTELY wiling to get a new one (Countryman PHEV All4 [169.7" / 71.7"]) but I am hoping for other suggestions! I’d prefer to get something on a 24-month lease if possible. Right now, though, I’m looking for options.

  • 2021 Bolt EV (if there are still good options available) [164.5 inches long / 69.5 inches wide)
  • 2022 Bolt EV / EUV [EV 163.2" long / EUV 169.5" – both 69.5" wide]
  • Kia Niro [171.5" / 71.1"]
  • Hyundai Kona [164.6" / 70.9"]
  • Volvo XC40 Recharge [174.2" / 80.1" (with mirrors)]
  • Volvo C40 Recharge [174.5" / 80.5" (with mirrors)]

I’m trying to get as short a term as possible (although I’m open to a Carvana/CarMax/Vroom buyout) because I’m just trying to get through the next 18-24 months. I am also open to gas vehicles, although I’d like to go electric ASAP.

If Gas, then there is (of course) a lot more available models in that “compact” size - Kia Soul, MINIs, ???

Your suggestions are appreciated! :slight_smile:

Narrow and small, it sounds like the Bolt is the winner. You can probably score a deal on one too

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I think if this is relatively short term then stay away from the Volvo’s, they’re good but the EV’s don’t lease particularly well and they can be tricky to get rid of before your lease term is up and they’ll almost certainly not have positive equity (even in this crazy market)

I know it’s compromised (and expensive) but the Subaru Crosstrek PHEV could be a good option size wise? Hyundai will have the Tucson PHEV coming out in the summer too which could be a good option but probably won’t lease well initially.


Most 24m leases don’t get any incentives. So is price an issue?

If you don’t have kids the Bolt is fine, if you have kids get ready for all the complaints about the back seat.

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@Forbs - price isn’t an issue, I just really want to move back to a MINI soon, but the Countryman PHEV seems too hard to get right now. I can do a 36 month lease (I wasn’t thinking of a buyout originally, like Carvana, etc.).

What size kids, btw? I have a 7YO still in a car seat for now.

I think if I go higher end (Volvo, Mini) I would lease full-term. I’m just hesitant with so many new things coming out.

My alternative is to lease the spot out to someone with a compact car and keep parking on the street.

I’m amazed that the prior owner parked an Outback there every day.

If I’m open to a longer lease, do you think it’s worth it to wait for the 2022? I can keep parking on the street for now.

Well the issue with the Bolt and the Kona is that the rear seats have little or no leg room.
A 7-9yr old will fit nicely, but a full adult will find it very tight.
The Bolt has an additional issue that the back doors are extremely short, and I hit my head constantly getting in / out.
The Bolt also has a more ‘plastic’ feel, at least the Kona interior is better.
The Niro is better than both.

I have not tried the EUV (as it isn’t out) but I assume it has more rear legroom than the Bolt.

The Volvo? dunno, never tried but I will assume it’s better than the Niro as it’s more of a luxury. (And harder to park)


Niro EV EX has a 24 month lease deal right now. $209 before taxes, etc assuming you pay MSRP

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well the etc is where the gotcha is .

Looks like the new Kia EV SUV is getting released tomorrow, wonder how long before dealers are going to start selling it above MSRP.

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I cant get one quoted at less than $360!! Thats from Va, NC, Ga and SC

Why are Volvos even on your list being 9" wider? The width is the problem, if anything, not as much as the length. Bolt or Kona should work, I think.

Volvo is one of the few brands that i could find mirror width quickly. Without the mirror width, they’re within .5" of the others

They have folding mirrors, BTW.

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The Bolt has plenty of rear leg room, unless you’re 6’5". Compared to my Tacoma, it has limousine leg room. I fit 3 teenage boys in the back of mine for carpooling no problem

@patchmonkey if term is an issue just transfer out, the Bolt would allow a transfer.

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No deal is happening.



For the EX trim? Wowie

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Not worried about price, I just hadn’t expected to have a surprise smaller spot. :man_shrugging:

Ideally, I could just find a car that can crabwalk, but I’m not sure that is readily available.

$41500 MSRP. After they send me some quotes, the ones that actually did, they show a discount of about $3500. So you plug that in the calculator and its @$270 in my zip. But somehow it goes up $100 when they convert to a lease quote… :man_shrugging:

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The Hummer EV can, but I think it’s a bit too LONG and WIDE to fit. haha

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