Suggestion required to Verify deal :Mercedes Benz GLC300 2019

Hello …
I would like to know if it’s best deal for GLC300 rare drive.region sale tax is 7.5%
MSRP :45415
Selling price:36995
Mileage on car : 7595
Down payment:2500
Mileage required :12K
For 36 month
Dealer offered lease payment as

We need a little more info here - what’s the MF/have you considered MSDs? What does the $2500 down payment break down look like?

Thanks for reply.
I have not considered MF here and no MSD.
Dealer offered me quote on email for above information.he asked me how much you can do as down payment-so I put$2500 out of pocket money.

Sounds mediocre at best. Post the full lease worksheet here if you want more detailed advice.

Quick advice always say 0 out of pocket when negotiating a deal, later if you want to put something out of pocket you can but I always negotiate my deals with 0 DAS

Also when talking to the dealer make sure to mention MF, RV , Selling price, etc… but know it before you mention it it really helps the dealer get a sense of that your educated and they won’t play as many games as they do with others when they know that you know what your talking about

Thanks for info.i will keep in mind this points.
Could you please provide what’s is MF and residual value for GLC300

You’ll want to google “2019 GLC300 MF”, find the specific Edmunds forum (should be one of the top results), and ask over there. Make sure to include your zip code as well as your lease terms and they’ll be able to give you that info pretty quick.