Suggestion needed: Two lease deals comparison

New to the forum and this is my first post. I am seeking for suggestions on two deals that I am considering

  1. 2019 Mercedez Benz C300 - demo (has manufacturer recall tho…)
    3 yr lease - 15K miles/yr
    MSRP: 45,425
    Selling price 35,980
    Monthly: $372/month (tax included)
    Acquisition upfront: $900
    Document and other fees & taxes: about $1200 total
    No MSD
    No down

  2. 2018 BMW 330e hybrid- sublease
    2 yr sublease - 11K+ miles/yr
    MSRP: about 52,000
    Monthly: $460 (tax included)
    Transfer fee: $500
    Incentive: $200

Some concerns I have:

  1. My work commute is about 50miles round trip - the BMW probably is short on mileage allowance… though I could buy with $0.23 per mile (expensive tho…)
  2. The BMW one has high MSRP so better features, and the MB on seems like a basic mode or a little better than basic?
  3. The BMW one is more fuel-efficient? given it is hybrid

Thanks much for all comments and suggestions! Need to make a decision soon.

I’d probably go for the Merc in this case, do they have a better optioned car?

No…unfortunately…all the demo cars have the same options in that dealership…
It would be nice if they do…

Also thinking would 2-yr be nicer than 3-yr…since I could pull myself out sooner?
Not sure how difficult lease transfer would be…if I’d ever have to

Still looking for more votes please

I like the MB deal better. It’s way solid, and you can for sure transfer it whenever you want.


My vote would be to pass on that bmw and look for c300s with more equipment (it that’s what you want) or at more/other cars.

Thanks jeisensc. It is a loaner car and that’s why it is about 20% from the MSRP and all their loaner have the same MSRP - which I assume same equipments/options…If it is a brand new car…probably I could only look for 12% off…

Thanks Bat!

In op you said

Important rule of leasing: it doesn’t matter how good the deal is if you don’t like the car. Does it have everything you want on it?

Yes, it does have the basic things that I want. I think I will go with the MB.
Also, they were suggesting me buy the maintence - 2 ServiceB and 1 Service A ($2000 total…)
I don’t know about how expensive MB maintence is…but this seems too expensive honestly…

That’s a terrible deal on the bmw, so by default I’d say the Benz