Suggestion for Marketplace listings

Was looking at the listings in the marketplace and was thinking if we should encourage brokers to post all details about the car in market place. Understood that the price breakdown is given but I think it may be helpful to know what options are there on the car (granted this can be done by us as well but given the number of options you can add, there are many combination of options you can add to get the MSRP).

For example - @Bostoncarconcierge listings will include everything about the listing so no questions what the options/packages are on the car and no going back and forth on irrelevant details

This would help the community in -

  1. increase more transparency for people looking at listings
  2. weed out redundant questions in the post
  3. help brokers not answer the same question that comes on PM

I am not sure if this has been discussed before or there is a reason why it is not done now. Happy to hear thoughts from other hackrs

Yeah no…

There is a reason why brokers don’t put all the details of the cars on leasehackr. A select group of leasehackrs will use that information to cut the broker out of the deal (instead of doing the work themselves), to avoid (I and many other brokers) post enough information to convey the deal but not enough to track down the car.


Completely agree with Quentin on this. Brokers have been screwed over by lowlifes too many times to count. If someone is truly interested, they can contact the broker

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While it sounds like a fair/reasons suggestion, Quentin has hit the nail on the head. Too many detains ppl will take it and run.

Got it. That makes sense and if I were a broker, I would be frustrated with it as well (to put it mildly). But I am surprised that just knowing the color/options they can track the car? Do they just visit every dealers website?! I personally do not have time to go through each site (or may be there are some other ways which I do not know about)

So should we just PM brokers for additional details? The reason I ask is because there are other factors which go into making the decision other than price (though I will agree it is the most important factor for many people).

Unfortunately if you’re interested in a broker deal, you have to be willing to proceed based on the information provided, unless you pay the retainer. You can always ask questions but you have to keep in mind that the broker may only disclose so much so as not to have someone circumvent them.

But to answer your question - yes, best practice is to PM the broker.

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Based on the location, I’m sure people can use those extra details on a site like Cargurus or autotrader to locate the exact car and dealership.

Welp. This put me in an awkward position alright…

I haven’t been on this site long but have already experienced a number of people who chose to circumvent me with my posted deals. For the small fee being charged, considering the value provided, it’s incredibly unfortunate that certain LH members do that.

There shouldn’t be a standard for how brokers advertise outside of the guidelines provided when you attempt to list something on the marketplace. Aside from those details, it seems fair that brokers can then choose how much more they want to disclose, if at all.

I’m making a choice to share a bit more, mainly because I need to build a report and credibility on the site. It’s like when someone shares a deal they got, creates a ton of buzz, but then can’t produce a lease sheet (remember that phantom RR Sport deal for $599/month)? Whereas someone like @nyclife can post a stellar deal and immediately people know it’s legit because of how long he has been bringing value to the community.


Keep up the good work. I didn’t really track your previous account but I think a lot of the regulars took issue when you went from “I’m new to this. I don’t charge anything. I do this for fun!” to becoming a broker. But posts like OP’s would indicate that your reputation is improving. Keep it up :+1:


I understand the brokers thoughts too… recently changed the Email address I use for LH to separate myself from my own dealership.Too many people would just take my pricing and go in without even asking for me… Has 0 additional benefit to them but still would do it.

A lot know where I am located but many now have to ask additional questions


Good feedback thank you so much.

Doing it for fun was certainly my original intent until I became hooked on this site and realized I could monetize my work here in addition to what I am doing outside of LH.

Appreciate the note!

If anyone is looking for a particular car based on MSRP they can pretty much figure out what options the vehicle has. If there is something you MUST have you can always confirm with the broker.

To most people here that doesn’t even matter they chase a deal not a car.

That only works for certain brands that stick to trim levels as option packages and really offer few options per se. Honda, for example.

German brands, OTOH, tend to offer options a la carte and MSRP really means nothing unless it is absolutely optioned to the gills and then you know it has everything, but that car is not going to be offered for a great deal. $10K or $20K in options on, say, a BMW can be configured in a zillion different ways.

Your second point is just a broad generalization

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of course its broad and doesn’t apply to every possible scenario, does anything in a car business?