Subaru to unveil world’s least-anticipated EV

Give me a new EV, but make it extra boring: Solterra EV – An All-Electric SUV | Subaru


omfg WILL THE CLADDING GO ALL THE WAY UP TO IT’S CHARGING PORT? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::nerd_face::jp::battery::blue_car:


Xzibit meme I heard you like cladding so I put some cladding on your cladding.jpeg

This will sell, unfortunately.

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I wouldn’t mind subarus as much if they didn’t extend the cladding into the interior


When a dark silhouette is the best angle…


The next reveal will a be “Myspace Profile Photo” ground-up / close-up of just the grille.


Yikes it’s a Toyota!

ughhhhh - what happened to Subaru. I used to like their styling. Hell, we even own a Subaru right now but these new design decisions just baffle me.

it will come with a 360 degree projector on the roof, so it will always be a shadowy silhouette if anyone looks at it.

The real life Subarus are never even remotely close to their concepts. This one will be like a Forester, probably.


Nothing says confidence in a vehicle’s design like that type of lighting. Wow.

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Every once in a while I see these ads with these families who drive the car for 30 years and are so adventurous and it makes me want to be them. And then I remember how bad the cars (and their owners) usually look.

This is a very weird comment that is probably more reflective on you than anything else.


Subaru loyalists are notorious tree huggers. I think it’ll do well and their marketing execs know the market for it. With Toyota handling their battery tech for them it’s a win win imo. I was very bullish on toyo stock at $100. At current levels I don’t see any major pullback. They’re very well positioned for ev and hybrid tech.


Is it that hard when it’s electric, also how much an electric AWD can lean on their mechanical know-how.

I’m kinda excited by it, but I like the slightly raised hatchback-esque design ethos. I’d love an Outback PHEV more, but that’s just me.

I’ve always thought that Subaru and Mazda, as smaller, niche players have missed the opportunity to embrace EVs. They tend to have a loyal customer base and a clear desire to go upmarket so providing EV’s that are cheaper to buy/lease and don’t come with the Tesla image baggage always seemed like a no brainer to me.

Volvo, as another niche player seems to have understood the assignment and sales reflect that.


I am working on becoming better but it takes time. Anyway it was a joke so I genuinely apologize if I offended you.

I’d suggest working on being funny.

Nobody gets there without practice, and bombing occasionally.

Students of funny, renewing my recommendation for

Now back to plastic-clad EVs that could be much sexier than the impending mom-jeans treatment it was given.

Disgusting. I wouldn’t drive that if I were paid to. With the amount of plastic and the fact that TFS is refusing third party buyouts I assume the recycle bin would be a safe bet? (yes I know SMF is separate, but bare with us for the sake of a joke), :grin: