Subaru Outback Premium Lease SoFla

First timer here,
I’ve done some research here in miami for a 2019 Outback Limited and I’m getting the following.
Is this a good lease or a crappy one for South Florida Market? Thanks

**MSRP: $36645
**Selling Price: $33964

**Acquisition Fee: $295 (included in monthly)
**Monthly Payment: $424 (with tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: First Month Payment $424 + tag $300

36 months/12k
MF: .00045
Residual 57% ($20,888)

Leasehackr Score 7.5 years

There is loads of money available on Outback Limited because they are trying to move them ahead of the 2020 being released.

2 things:
(1) I’d be shooting for 10-12% off MSRP for a selling price. This does not feel like enough discount for an outgoing model and design.

(2) The Outback 3.6R Limited will lease better because of a higher residual and lower MF with only a marginally higher MSRP. I would target one of those.

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Sent you a pm with a contact my friends and I have great success with.

Thanks for the help!
I will look into it