Subaru Outback Offer in New England

$395 (MA tax incl.) Sign and Drive - Outback Limited

This payment doesn’t add up, calc shows $347 payment. There’s ~$1700 added in to their deal somewhere.

Ads should go in Marketplace

Have you contacted the dealership and asked for numbers?

Assuming you have the proper MF and Residual, your calculator link doesn’t have a doc fee and the license/registration fees seem low at $60. They could be marking up the acquisition fee as well. 10% off the MSRP of an Outback is not that much at the moment.

He’s not a broker/dealer nor it is a lease transfer. Why Marketplace?

Granted, this is without 6.25% tax and without the $949 drive-off, but the MSRP is $845 more. I think this would be roughly $350/month on a car with an MSRP that is $845 more.

Sorry I wasn’t trying to advertise for the dealer, I thought this was an appropriate category.

I looked up that value from the MA DMV web site. I thought it was low too. @jananth1 yeah my next step is to reach out to these people and get the breakdown.

thanks, I should have added some color to my original post, I wanted to get opinions on the dealer offer in my original post

Look at the category definitions. Ads in Marketplace. No ads in “Share a Deal”

Ads from dealers/brokers or for private lease transfers in Marketplace. Only they can open topics there. That’s my understanding. So, technically, if there is no place for private ads, then just delete the post

Marketplace is for “Dealer/broker advertisements” that seems pretty clear cut to me. Not sure how there’s any ambiguity there.

AFAIK there is no rule that only the dealer him or her self can post the ad here. If an unaffiliated LH member wants to post an ad, I don’t see the problem (spam or shilling would be different obviously). It is within both the letter and the spirit of LHF.

Deleting the thread on a tenuous technicality seems over moderator overreach IMO.

Wow, I really farted in the elevator here. :grinning:

This was my original comment - why is this thread in the Marketplace now? I thought you moved it there from Share Deals, no? If anything - Share Deals is more appropriate. And deleting original post was a sarcasm.

Which part of this is confusing? Ads go in Marketplace. No ads in Shared Deals.

Don’t know how else to explain it to you that private posts can’t go to Marketplace, unless they are lease transfers.

Dealer/broker advertisements and private lease transfers. Only Registered Businesses can post commercial ads on Marketplace.

When creating a new topic, a user can only go by the guidance there re: choosing a category, which I screenshot and posted above. Based on that, ads go in Marketplace and no ads in Shared Deals.

But regular users cannot post in the Marketplace if they follow instructions for Marketplace :slightly_smiling_face:

Anytime anybody mentions Subaru or Volvo, the gas bag comes along …

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