Subaru Outback Lease


Throwing this out there for anyone who has experience shopping a 2020 outback. All help appreciated. I am shopping this model:

New 2020 SubaruOutback Premium SUV

  • VIN: 4S4BTAEC6L3150833
  • Stock: S20276

MSRP = $34,423

What should I be targeting for 15,000 mile a year lease with just taxes paid up front at signing?

Find the MF/ residual on Edmunds and the average discount from an Outback specific forum. The resources are out there. If you’re intending for others to do the work for you, a broker is your best option.


Over $34K msrp for a non-turbo, non-Limited/Touring Outback? Prices seem to have risen quickly.

My last Subaru was '15 Outback Limited with 3.6R. Sticker was under $33K. That was no Eyesight, no sunroof.

I was around a 14% discount