Subaru Outback and Crosstrek

Hello, we have a lease on a Tiguan coming up next month. My wife wants a Crosstrek. I have a 14 Outback and thinking about trading up to a 19. The 20 is a redesign. Do you guys think a 2 car deal is better than a single deal. Also most dealers I am speaking with are not that interested in discounting cars. Are MSD’s used at Subaru. I asked for 3% under invoice and they were not receptive. I can get that by joining the American Canoe Ass. and wait 6 months.
I have leased in the past and thought that I have done well. I found this sight and realized that I have left money on the table every time. We have thought about a broker but not sure if they can score with Subaru. We are in NC.