Subaru Insurance Requirements

Has anyone had any experience with lapse in “coverage requirements”? Meaning if they require a $1k deductible and during the lease the deductible changes to an unsuitable amount, do they ever catch the change? My friend said that on their lease they never had the coverage that the company required (just carried state min. Comp and Collision with high deductibles) and nothing ever came of it. They’ve had the car for almost a year now. He told me that in the contract it says that there’s a possible penalty for this but I don’t know.

If its in writing, having the minimum coverage allowed as per your contract will satisfy their requirement. Its a different story whether the lender will find out or never find out you changed to a lower insurance coverage lower than what they require. In the event of a total loss, you may find yourself in a bind.

I can’t speak to Subaru specifically, but years ago I did finance a car with minimum insurance requirements and had some issue when I got insurance with it not reporting correctly. The bank found out, took out their own insurance policy based on the contract minimums, and charged me for it.


Can confirm bank I use to work at would add insurance to vehicle and increase the monthly to cover it. Changes or lapses are reported via DMV…it’s not worth messing around with it.

Policy premium “savings” on taking a deductible from $1k to above $1k must be trivial, no?

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