Subaru Impreza Sport 36/12 $251.25/month

How does this look? MSRP 27981

Since there is $350 in cap reduction tax on your sheet, you must be putting some money down? You should try to avoid putting money down.

What state are you in? Did you confirm the current money factor and residual on Edmunds?

I’m in Texas, so they are giving Tax credit on the deal with 1.5 tax rate instead of 6.25.

Does the $251 payment include tax? If not, I think you can do better. I just helped my daughter get 10% off on a $28k Impreza Sport Hatch. With $799 DAS, her payment is $272 w/ 9.25% tax included for 36/12.

I also have another offer for similar car with MSRP of 28,121 for $245 a month

Yes this include tax, it’s all rolled in

That sounds pretty good - good luck!

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Confirmed on the $245 with only $245 DAS and they threw in tint also.

I am not familiar with leasing in Texas, so you are not putting any money down? The cap reduction tax is based on what? The tax credit?

Did you ask about dealer cash? I think there is $400 in certain places according to Edmunds. Also ask about 2 years free maintenance in some regions. I see they are waiving the Acquisition Fee.

Confirmed with the 2nd dealership that $245 DAS and nothing else. I think they structure the deal in a similar way as the original post I had.

Nice. I think that is a good deal. Enjoy!

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