Subaru Forrester Premium 2019

Got this deal offered (SF Bay Area):

MSRP of the car: 29,959
Selling price of the car: 27,327
Gross cap cost of the car: 28,450
Incentives: ? probably none
Money Factor (MF): .0016
Residual (in %): 58%
Term of your lease (months): 36
Mileage allotment: 15K
Drive off cash: $1500

Monthly payment: $350 + tax = $383/mo.

It looks like MF is a bit high and in general seems to be higher than I expected, am I right or is it a good deal? Is there anything I could say to make them go down a bit? I have excellent credit score and told them so, but doesn’t seem to matter to them much. I’ve been also offered 12k for $334 + tax = $365 but not sure if 12k would be enough for us.

Thanks in advance!

This is a bit high. Would you consider an outback? That would be less.

If you haven’t shopped at Serramonte Subaru, try there. Foresters are in high demand and earlier this year there was a production stoppage to fix an issue that caused a bunch of pent up demand.

2019 Outback will lease better but is an older design - 2020s are on their way but won’t lease well for a while.

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Thank you, I’ve reached out to Serramonte but haven’t got an answer from them yet (the above quote is not from them :slight_smile: ). I’ll see what Serramonte has to offer. Thanks for the details about the demand - I’ve seen there’s not a lot of stock around, but we like the car, so I’m trying to find some good deal still. If nothing comes up we’ll consider the alternatives.

FWIW, I leased a Limited (34.6K msrp) for 36/12 for $375 month, zero drive off, in February down here in LA…it did include $500 loyalty, but no other perks. 24 month maintenance included…though I think that’s everywhere.

I think that’s SoCal thing. NorCal gets more discount.

Just for the information of other forum members and searchers, I did follow up with Serramonte. Everything went well, we spoke through email & phone, got some figures worked out, I agreed to come by and drive it and sign everything, brought all papers, everything… and at the moment we’re about to go for a test drive they tell me they actually already sold this very car and don’t have anything else for me. And for some reason they couldn’t bother to call or email me before. Very disappointing, wasted a lot of time. I understand this is a popular model, but I don’t think inviting me in just to tell me they have nothing for me while I’m sitting in the car is a good form. Will continue shopping elsewhere.