Subaru Forester Premium


2019 Forester Premium
Selling price - $26,000
Zero down - $358 a month
Zero down with $609 up front including first month and fees- $325 a month
10k/36 months
Which is the better deal to take?
Where might I be able to do better?

We need more info for each deal, MSRP, RV, MF, incentives etc

MSRP 28965, RV 62%, no manufacturer incentives.

See if you can stretch the MSRP discount to 12%

Thanks what’s a good money factor for this car?

First, ask the dealer what they are using in their payment and then go to Edmunds forum, post ur question there about current MF, to confirm if the dealer is being truthful or playing games w/ MF.

Also, you can ask on Edmunds what current incentives exist for your zipcode.

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That’s a lot for a basic Forester

New quote today
2019 Forester Premium
Option package - 15
All weather package etc
MSRP - $30,284
Dealer invoice - $28,122
Agreed upon price -$26,460
Adjusted cap - $29,662
Residual -$17,942
MF - .00125
Zero out of pocket - 408.87 month
$2,793 out of pocket (first month and fees) - $320.86 a month

What’s the point in posting a quote that’s worse?


June 1st I got the same exact package, 0 down and $344 a month all in. But was able to get 12k miles as well versus your 10 quoted abovep