Subaru Crosstrek Atlanta, GA. Good deal?

Hi hackers! Need you help. I am a leasing newbie and this is my first LH post. Please be gentle with my little heart. :slight_smile:
The Subaru dealership here in Atlanta is offering the following on a cool grey khaki premium Crosstrek:
Tier 1 credit.
12K Miles/year
64% residual
.00175 MF
$500 ambassador discount
$981 due at signing
$299 per month

I plugged it in the Leasehackr calculator and got a score of 7.7
The calculator said payment of $293. Maybe I made a small error. Just wondering if I should keep fighting for something lower?
I am also interested in the Toyota Corolla hatchback…

Ahhh, forgot to add the MSRP is $25973, “internet price” was $24,415.

Not bad, I’d maybe try asking for $299 with $0 at signing. With a solid offer from that dealer you can also email other dealers in your area asking if they can beat it.

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Could probably do lower on the Corolla hatch. And on a sedan for sure.

Not sure why you’d want to pay $300 for a AWD compact in GA.

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Good point. Not a lot of snow here. Thanks for the reality check. We all need those from time to time…

Look at Corolla, Jetta, etc sedans…much roomier inside and very spacious trunks too

Just left Toyota dealership…test drove the Corolla hatchback SE Dealer tried quoted ridiculous numbers and I got up to leave…(3199 down, $289/mo Lol!)
Then started to come down to reality. When I finally did leave, they were at Zero DAS and $275/mo.
I really like the Jetta, but it worries me with the transmission issues the 2019’s are having :confused: