Subaru ascent touring 2019

here is a lease offer from Los Angeles area Subaru dealer
is this any good?

2019 Ascent Touring
msrp 46,597
cash sale price 43500
aquisition fee 295
vehicle total 43795
dmv 581 cap reduction 1618.20
adj cap cost 42176.80
residual 26,094.32 ( 56%)
3000 down
10k miles per year
36 month lease
MF .00075
los angeles taxes 9.75
monthly payment 545.24

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For an effective $630 a month, you can get a lot more vehicle for your dollar. Have you looked at xc90s?

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2020s are on the lots. You should be able to do better than that.

You have to take into account that Subaru set the residual very low on this vehicle (56%). its a brand new model plus Subarus hold their value very well so there would probably be a good amount of positive equity at the end that offsets the payment being higher than other competitive vehicles.

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Positive equity??? On a subaru lease. Or any car lease?

While occasionally the KBB or some other website might show a “higher price” at lease end, good luck actually realizing that difference from a dealer. One of the reasons we lease is so we don’t have to deal with selling/negotiating at lease end.

I would not recommend leasing Any car with the expectation of having positive equity. Dangerous road to go down. If it does happen, consider it a pleasant surprise but don’t plan on it.

Almost all leases won’t have equity at the end, this is a very special case.

More of a bonus in this case but it shouldn’t be relied on.

Pretty much any Subaru would be around 60% or more after 3 years. So I agree with him - at 56% there is a strong possibility for some equity at the end. If no accidents, of course.

I don’t know your market, but I think 6.6% off is a weak discount. Keep shopping around. Here’s a Ascent with the same MSRP.

Also, checkout this thread and get a quote from @rubbergash

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Finally someone using data instead of saying to ask for a lower price just because.

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If you register for VIP through some of the known entities that offer it (check out, you can easily do 2% under Invoice. That would be better than you’re getting here and would be no hassle.

Thank you for everyone’s advice much appreciated !

Hi guys! New here and I’m wondering about the following deal I got quoted on a 2020 Ascent Touring in the state of Maine. I have some inequity rolling into this situation from my last vehicle, which sucks but just is what it is. What do you guys think?:

The initial discount is 8.6%, but then they claw some of that back by adding $450 in aftermarket add-ons. Unlikely that you want/need those add-ons. So discount ends up being 7.7% after add-ons. I think you can do better. The MF looks correct and hasn’t been marked up based on .

So you’re upside down $3,129.27…do you really need out of the vehicle now? This negative equity is upping your monthly by at least $87. If you can ride it out and keep making payments, it may be that negative equity decreases or goes away. If you need a vehicle now, you could check to see if you can get a quote from carmax, carvana, or vroom - they may pay you more for your trade than this dealer.

Where are you located? Try to find a similar vehicle within 200 miles of you zip code on and check out their price analysis to get a sense of what you should be shooting for.

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere here, but that discount appears to be just invoice. If you sign up for the PA Horticultural society (cheap), you’re eligible immediately for Subaru VIP which is 2% under invoice. That may be the best you can do on a 2020 at this point.

The $399 doc fee, $450 in aftermarket stuff, and $3k in negative equity is really hurting you here, too.

Sell the trade to Carvana or private party. Take it out of this deal.

The $450 is for an Interior/exterior cosmetic warranty that is supposed to take care of any stains, scratches etc when we turn it back in at the end of the term. Do you guys recommend this type of thing? Or is that gimmicky?

Only you can answer that. Have you leased before? Have you been hit with excess wear and tear charges before on a lease return?

Subaru leases through Chase Bank. GAP insurance and excess wear and tear up to $1,000 is included…check out this post:

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Very good call - I have a Subie and totally forgot about that.

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