Sub ($200) Volt lease 12k/36months (report back)

just signed this lease…the net out of pocket is $1500(after CA rebate)

Monthly payment $174(before tax)

MSRP : 34,820
Discount 3700(10.63%)

Rebates ($8286)
Cash ($3000)

Net Cap $22,060.

.49% residual, amount $17,061
.00082 MF

Overall this is not the best deal i can find, however, not much offer from GM this month. additionally, i’m currently not on a lease to qualify for anything. The car drives great with heated seats and wheels. i’m based out of San Diego (btw)


Hi dimex3, am in SD as well - can you tell me the dealership name ? Am trying to get a good deal as well

I’m in San Diego today, which dealer? Kearny Mesa?

Jimmy Johnson, Balboa

How do you get $8286 in rebates? I’m looking at $1950- $1500 state and $450 electric company.

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I got my Volt for $0 DAS, $196/month 15k/36 in November of last year.

Simi Valley Chevrolet.

My wife and I also qualified for a Ventura County as well as higher state rebate because we are poor. Ended up with $4,700 back in checks and a car at $200/mo that we can drive the crap out of.

Best lease deal I could have imagined… on top of selling her 2010 Kia, we are getting paid $3,000 to drive this car for 3 years.

I cannot vouch for the deals right now but I find it hard to believe they could be much worse

Rebates are from manufacturer? I thought current was $6900 + $500 fleet + $500 conquest?

Hello Op,

Can you please clarify about rebate of $8,286. Can you please provide breakdown and guide on it?

GM doesn’t have a fleet program for leasing. Are you talking about supplier?

Sorry - meant supplier