Sub $150 per month (all in) Lease. (Chevy Trax)

Wifey’s 2015 Equinox LT AWD is ending next month and am thinking about getting the 2017 Chevy Trax.

I am in NY State (Tax rate of 8.375% in my county) Can I theoretically get to $125-$130 on a true sign and drive (Bank fee & taxes rolled in). Looking to lease for 24months with 10K per year.

Possible on a 2017 Trax LS AWD? (prefer to step up to an LT model, but trying to keep cost down)

Anyone have the currently MF, Residuals and rebates? I qualify for conquest too !

Wife just needs a cheap car/small SUV to shuttle kids back and forth to school.

Chevy Cruze from the front page?

@max_g I believe the Trax is leasing better than the Cruz but need to solidfy the numbers/incentives.

Let me know if you get any quotes on the LT or something more well equipped.

Wow that would be front-page worthy.

Here are the current rebates and MF for different terms as well as the rebates you can qualify for. I hope this helps. Great choice with your current chevy, thanks for staying with the brand. 

Cash/Rebate Rate/MF Term Residual
1,825 0.00087 24 67
1,825 0.00087 27 65
1,825 0.00054 36 59
1,825 0.00054 39 58
1,825 0.00123 42 56
1,825 0.00123 48 54
Lease Consumer Specials
Name Rebate Code Expires
GM Competitive Lease Private Offer 2,000
Chevrolet Lease Loyalty Private Offer 2,000
GM Targeted In Market Lease Cash Private Offer 1,500
Chevrolet Select Model Incremental CCR Program 500

How does one get this: GM Targeted In Market Lease Cash Private Offer 1,500
And does this one apply to all Traxs or only certain trims: Chevrolet Select Model Incremental CCR Program 500

So the local dealer has a 2017 Trax LX FWD (Base Model) advertised at MSRP of $21,895

$68 a month for 24 Month/10K miles. Plus tax, tags, bank fee ($595), due at inception.
They have $1825 lease cash advertised, $500 bonus tag and $2K lease competitive cash (all which I qualify for)

@chevyphil you’re saying there’s an additional $1,500 cash that I could potentially add in in the form of a private offer from GM? If so, how do I get this?

With the above numbers from that dealership, a base FWD LS Trax should be $130 a month on a true sign and drive.

I am looking at the LT with AWD which Im estimating to be an addition $15-20 more a month ($150 on a sign and drive)

If this additional private offer of $1,500 comes into play, we’re talking about a VERY CHEAP LEASE. If so, looking at $90 a month (all in) on a LT AWD.

If a dealer is willing to do this, I would jump on this. am I crazy or are my numbers out of this world?

That would be an insane deal. Let me know if you manage to get something like that!

Our Trax goes back soon… We got a LS AWD for $673 due at signing including first month’s payment and $114.95 a month for 24 months or 24k miles… I hope I can get a deal like yours when this one goes back.

Can someone give me an evaluation of this lease? Local dealer is advertising a base 2017 Trax LS FWD (MSRP of $21,895) for 36 months/10K miles per year for a 1 pay lease payment of $1,458, plus $595 bank fee, taxes (NY 8.375%) and DMV fees.

This includes $3K competitive cash, $2575 lease cash & $1500 lease bonus tag

Looking like $100 a month ALL in a month (zero out of pocket) for 36 months with 10K per year.


I think the LS model might be excluded from the $3k CC.

No exclusions on Trax from what I see.

Probably be better off to raise MF by .00055 and waive the $595 lease fee.

I bet this also is paying full MSRP (no dealer discount), but need all numbers to verify.

My apologizes, it is the Traverse LS that is excluded.

Trax LT

MSRP: [$24,740]
Selling Price: [$23,846]
Rebates: [$7,075]
Chevrolet Select Market Incremental CCR $1,500
Chevrolet Conquest Towards Lease Private Offer $3,000
Chevrolet Select Model Incremental C1500CR Program $1,500
Chevrolet Lease Cash $1,075

Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

Base MF: [0.00087]
Residual: [67%]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: ($0) Rebates pay fee’s.
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$116.57]

City: San Jose CA
Sales Tax Rate: [8.75%]

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet
San Jose, C.A.

Hi Phil, What would the pricing be with AWD?

The “special” is only available on this one vehicle.
I can gladly put together a quote on a AWD but it won’t have the same savings. Text me for a specific quote.

@ChevyPhil thats looks solid on a LT FWD. Unfortuneatly I am in NY on the other side of the country !

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What documentation is required for the conquest lease? Registration? Copy of lease?