Struggling to find an EV under 300$, 0$ down, 12K. Am I unrealistic?


My very first lease is about to expire, and I’m looking for an EV now (long commutes) in NorCal. I’ve been looking and talking to a lot of dealers, including a broker and couldn’t find an EV under 300$. I just want to know that if I’m looking at reasonable numbers or I can do much better.
These are the best deals I got so far (all 12K per year):

  • VW eGolf SE - 300$ after tax, 1080$ down.
  • Chevy Bolt - 300$ after tax. 0$ down
  • Hyundai Ioniq - 300$ aftger tax. 1250$ down.
  • Honda Clarity, Nissan Leaf, Chevy volt - nothing close to the numbers above.

Does that make sense?

I know the trim matters etc, but in general I’m looking for the basic model of any of the above cars

Just stumbled upon this !


The one that surprises me is the Leaf, especially if you’re looking at a lower trim. They seemed to be pretty discounted (have you looked out of state?)

Kia and Hyundai have high MFs and few incentives beyond tax credit. The eGolfs seem to be moving pretty fast. The Volt has no incentives because it’s end of days, so yes I would have guessed the Bolt would be on the list.

I would at least consider a lease transfer on a Bolt, I’ve seen quite a few with 18ish months left at sub-$300/mo even with DC fast charging.

Fusion Energi incentives come and go: I’ve seen it swing between low-300s to 500mo but haven’t looked since July (Memorial Day weekend it was cheapest). Would you also consider a hybrid / non-plugin / non-EV or are you set on an HOV sticker?

have you look at BMW i3 BEV?


So, I’ve been browsing this forum every couple of days for lease transfers with no luck yet. I’m definitely open to those.
And I agree with you on the leaf, I’m going to try send some emails to some more dealers and ask about it. Unfortunately I have almost 1 hour commute, so I’m pretty set on the HOV sticker.

Hmm not really. It seemed a little small (I have a car seat in the back) ?

So a new EV lease will have to wait for a sticker, reports are several months.

Check swapalease and leasetrader also. And some brands have their own message boards for buying/swapping leases.

Oh ya car seat… Probably be hard to put in, the doors are like suicide door … but it’s currently the cheapest besides smart for two EV

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Will do that, thanks !
By the way, just got an offer on a leaf S from Nissan Hayward - 399$ (12K, 0 down).

Holy cow… That’s expensive Leaf… Hyundai Ioniq EV is currently 229 w/ tax, 2500 due, but you do get those rebate later…2500 from CARP <— of you qualify, 800 from PGE

So effectively 300$ / month. It’s worth looking into I guess - can you please share where can I find this deal?

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well lets say (229 x 1.0925( if tax is 9.25%) x35(payment left) +2500(due at sign)-2500(CVRP(if qualify))-(800PGE)) /36… = effectively $221 a month for 36 month.
It’s a national deal, you can walk in just point that you want this deal, they will just give it to you…

Here’s the link:;offers;text;get%20this%20deal

I understand, thanks ! Unfortunately I don’t qualify for the 2500 I think, and also this is for 10K miles.
So overall it bring me back to above 300$ again :slight_smile:

without that 2500 CVRP … under 300 is a bit hard to crack … with that 2500 CVRP, under 200 is very possible, for the Smart Fortwo it can go under 100 lol

Right now, best lease deal is the Bolt (similar to your offer), purchase deal is the eGolf.
I don’t get why people keep saying they “think” they don’t qualify for rebates…how hard is to check and make sure?


What type of numbers everyone seeing on the bolt? Ive been getting high numbers ftom my local dealers in Los Angeles. Looking for 36mos/12k zero drive off.
$40,000msrp confidence 2

Try her…she has good prices.


I did…shes at $420/ 0 drive off on 40,000 msrp

You probably won’t beat it by much, if any then

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I know…Thats why i might till sept 1 to see what happens.