Stricter Guidelines for Registered Brokers?

Any other users feel that there should be stricter guidelines and restrictions in regards to who can register as a broker on this site? Legitimately the ONLY thing that is required is to have some sort of company/business website which some of the “registered brokers” don’t even have and not only that but some of the deals in the “marketplace” are being posted by people that aren’t even registered…

The reason I bring this up is because I’ve seen a lot of alarming posts from brokers lately that either have absolutely no clue what they are talking about, they are providing a sketchy deal with little information, or some of the ones that do know what they are talking about are so arrogant to other users it makes me wonder why they have a sales job in the first place :thinking:

I cannot speak for outside states, however certain states such as New York for example have laws in which you need an actual “brokers license” and surety bond in order to “broker” cars which I’m willing to bet some of the registered brokers on here don’t have which then makes it technically illegal to be “brokering” cars. Not only that but it is illegal to collect any sort of fee or commission in advance of the performed services.

Due to the increase in popularity in the website, shouldn’t more precautions be taken to avoid people getting scammed by illegitimate brokers?


Can you please further define your meaning of “broker” in that sense?

Talk to me more about the need for a broker’s license, and define “brokering” cars in the terms you’re referencing above.

Thanks so much.

Also, re: scamming by illegitimate brokers. People should be able to make their own decisions based on posts they see and feedback about the brokers. At first, I didn’t get a lot of people reaching out to me, but once positive feedback arrived and deals closed as promised, that changed.

It’s an open forum where the experts can comment on any deal, and will surely tear an illegitimate broker or post apart.

Vetting a broker is similar to how I review potential customers. If they joined within a day and immediately hop on every deal, they’re probably not the right person to immediately work a deal with.


Keep in mind that people can post private transfers in the marketplace as well and don’t have to be registered to do so.

This has widely been discussed in PM with the forum’s top users. I agree there needs to be a change, don’t know what that is considering different states legislature.

However, it just sounds like a broker pissed you off.


I think of the brokers on this site as consultants – They provide a plethora of information – just look at BMW_Dave post. You can learn so much just by reading that post – Having a license does not separate a good broker from a bad one. Also its a hobby for most of these guys they enjoy doing it.

I do agree there are some guys that try to push a shitty deal but they quickly get flamed and thereafter go incognito from the forum.

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My meaning of a broker is what the law says a broker is. Your from Boston so I’m assuming your not familiar with New Yorks Laws to be talking arrogant like that but in New York State you need a legitimate “Brokers License” in order to do the following:

not sure what you were trying to insinuate with your question and arrogance like I previously mentioned but here you go:

Automobile broker business” means any person who, for a fee,
commission or other valuable consideration paid by a consumer offers to
provide, provides, or represents that he will provide a service of
purchasing, arranging, assisting or effecting the purchase of an automobile
as agent, broker, or intermediary for a consumer. “

In fact heres a whole link so you can educate yourself:

It’s not that a specific broker pissed me off.

It’s that the ones that operate outside the lines discredit the ones that play by the rules.
While I agree that they get blasted quickly, why should they be allowed to operate in the first place?

What is stopping somebody that lives in mom’s basement and has a buddy at a couple dealerships that is willing to pay him for sending customers to that designated dealership?

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I would rather have somebody “broker” a deal on my behalf who has experience and my best interest in mind rather than somebody who went through the hoops to get a license. At the end of the day, I could give less of a shit if a guy is getting a kickback if he gets me the best deal.

The demographic of the majority of people on this forum are not the type to get hustled. Let the market decide if a broker is not worth dealing with. Have you not seen the threads murdering new “registered businesses” for not posting sample deals or being scummy in general?

No need to treat everybody like they’re children. We’re all adults here who can judge a deal on its merit.


Someone is in a bad mood this morning.

Many companies are started in the garage, basement … I do not see anything wrong with that.

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Right! And if garage guy has good and legitimate deals he deserves the business. If not, he won’t get it.


Thanks for sharing.

Don’t be sensitive and call me arrogant. You don’t know me. My reputation with the people I have worked with speaks for itself.

Anyone selling anything could be portrayed as arrogant if confident and good at what they do.


I’m exaggerating to make a point although I’m sure theres a handful on here doing just that.

Also not saying every broker on here is bad because there are quite a few good ones on this site that get great pricing , however I think there should be stricter guidelines in order to register and conduct business on here in the first place…

“While I agree that they get blasted quickly”…that is a more effective way of dealing with the problem.

How about trusted broker badge on top for completing however many deals specifically with leasehacker users.
I’ve been here for decently long time and I remembered brokers who started earlier and pay attention to their deals. I can only remember about 10 brokers who are not just active but helpful. Others - I have pretty much no recollection and most Kickery won’t even consider using since feedbacks sometimes are so long it’s not even funny to try to comp through any of them. They are becomeing are way to long to read. Similar to amazon reviews - if there are ton I won’t read every bit I still somewhat look at star rating (however fraud) that is.
But at currrent point there is no way to asses broke the other that to read hundreds of post for everyone. How are the best stand our? By the number of posts in their threat only?


Agree with something like this! Trusted Dealer/broker or something of sorts.

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Well Ironically I would have considered you one of the good ones on the site however being that you were quick to comment with, what I think we both can agree was a pretty condescending response, I no longer believe so

You seemed pretty triggered so I guess the shoe fit?

Take it how you want to. I don’t appreciate being called arrogant when I was asking an honest question about the definition of a broker.

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Lol reread the first 3 lines of your first comment and tell me again how you weren’t being arrogant…it’s very blatantly obvious.

Being that you are one, I shouldn’t need to explain to you what the definition of one is however you were clearly trying to be a wise ass with the “talk to me more about” and the “Thank so much”.

Save me the " I don’t appreciate the" as if I was wrong for responding the way I did after your comment. :joy:

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There isn’t anything wrong with it but they should have to play by the same rules (laws) as every other dealership or broker business because at the end of the day whether it’s a side hustle or not, if your brokering more then 3-5 cars a year then it’s a business and they need to abide by the same laws as any other dealership or individual broker in the business.

You do realize that a LOT of the good deals that come through this forum are not from people who would fit your criteria or your rules?

I do like the idea of a “trusted registered business” badge based on feedback and completed deals. However, if we go down that route, there should be a forum to allow for negative feedback to be registered as well (if claims can be substantiated).

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