Strategy for locating demos?

Short: We know demo’s are generally the best deals out there and are even more attractive for those who live in more non-competitive markets and/or aren’t the best negotiators…What is your strategy for locating them? Do you email asking what demos are available? Do you email saying you want a specific model or even trim and if so get into pricing?

Long: From the S60 Inscription article, I reached out to Volvo dealers trying to find a deal on any fully loaded Volvo…Ultimately pulled the trigger on a S60 Cross Country which was something I never thought I’d be interested in but turns out I love it and love the fact I’m driving a car for the 24 months with a MSRP of $48,250 and paid $511 drive off, $270/mo and got 12K/year miles…The funny thing was, when reaching out to Volvo dealers, I was getting quotes for Volvos in high 30s with several thousand down and well over $400/mo for 10K…Before the Volvo, I tried to get deals on no less than a dozen different model and most everything was over $500/mo…

Was your CC a demo? I had an eye on a demo in my first choice color, but the sale manager said they don’t lease them. Not sure if it’s Volvo or just this dealer who don’t lease demos.

I’ve been looking for a deal like that on an S60CC for a couple weeks before I gave up recently. Where was that?

My CC is 280 a month, 780 drive off, brand new. Volvo Norwood, MA

Yeah, that’s what I tried to replicate but couldn’t get close.

Mine was a demo from Culver City…At the time the dealer stated this was the only demo at the entire dealership available for lease/purchase

Note sure about Volvo dealers but all BMW dealers have a section on their site for Executive Demos

I couldn’t find demo page on Culver City’s website, but Volvo of Santa Monica has a Loaner/Demo page on their website,

I had a really BAD experience with Michael Giorgio, Culver City Volvo’s TrueCar manager, and Nick Assmussen, his brain-lacking lackey. I was emailing back and forth with Nick about a demo XC60 they had, and when I came to take a look at the car, and told them another dealer was giving me $10K off MSRP, Michael ended up yelling at me about “comparing TrueCar price to TrueCar price”. I was trying hard to stay calm, and felt sad about the miscommunication, rather than upset, but it only drove him crazier. Apparently, Nick told him I wanted 10K off the TrueCar price, so it was a misunderstanding, but Michael wasn’t very perceptive. He gave me a lease quote with $995 acquisition (Volvo states $695), and 0.00056 MF (while others quoted 0.00001), and 60% residual for 24 months. He also didn’t include the 20" wheel rebate, or the 3 lease cash offers, in his lease quote. He even claimed that even though their website had a demo/loaner page, that designation meant nothing, and the cars had 0 miles on them. Yeah, ok, whatever. Give me a crap offer - strike 1. Start yelling and berating me - strike 2, I’m OUT! My old-school drive-the-car-till-it-dies dad was with me, and he found the whole thing very amusing. Buyer beware!