Stinger gt1 wackiness

Leased two Kias from a dealership and actually a salesman myself. So I texted a salesperson there to get some numbers, we’ve known each other for 5 years. He was evasive and granted this was all through texting even though I ask very specific questions. But I have 2,100 worth of payments left which I told him I’d payoff and he said not to, put 2,100 down instead. But a 36/10 came back at 629 a month with me putting the $2,100 down and them paying off my last payments. So basically almost a wash and 629 a month? I’m insulted. But he wouldn’t tell me what they’re discounting the car other than saying “below invoice”. No mf, no nothing. How bad would that shafting had been? Sorry, this is all over the place, to frustrated to even type.

I am sure you know that’s a hard pass. I am at $538 on a ‘19 GT2 AWD with drive offs but still think I can get it lower. But I hear you on the dealer antics. Just move on to the next one.

Sounds like similar deal depending on drive offs.

Sounds like someone takes “no honor amongst thieves” to heart. No offense, the term just seemed appropriate for the craptastic deal offered…


My drive off would be first payment and plates (290). I’d put that down too, but nowhere close to a 1%’er. Basically it’s a sign and drive for 629 on a car that stickers for 49 and with 7900 rebates. It’s beyond bad. I feel like joining the metoo! movement after seeing that.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if this quote is a combination of little to no dealer discount past invoice (if even that), poor RV, marked up MF, dealer options and protection packages to try to scoop some of that rebate money back…

Don’t know how it’s similar but my drive offs are at ~$1,300 right now with $538/ month on an MSRP of $53,xxx.

Why? It’s business, not personal. Nobody is going to hand you a great deal out of the gate.

Kia dealers are a dime a dozen. Go to another one, especially if he’s not being transparent.

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The “insulted” part is because I know him and I sell cars myself. You’d think him of all people wouldn’t try this crap. If I went online to a total stranger, I’d expect it and understand.


Welcome to the world of what everyone else deals with :grinning:


Jeez, that sucks. No wonder we have such a shi#$y reputation.

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+100, why do sales people keep marking up MF and acting like we are not smart enough to notice. Even when mentioning one has a current lease they quote you based on someone with crap credit. I would assume people who have a current lease nearing maturity, most likely have high enough scores to qualify for base MF.

Because it is far far easier to come back to someone and say “great news! This is even better because of your stellar credit.” Than it is to say “oh, sorry, but you suck so the price just went up.”

Got another quote today. Not much better, but it was $40.00 cheaper a month. I love the Stinger. They’re not selling all that great and these dealers act like it’s a Porsche 911.

Dealership experience can leave a lot to be desired.

Just contacted another dealership. On a 48960 GT1, they’re discounting it 2955 which is 6%. When I ask the mf and residual, I get the old “we’ll discuss that when you come in”. Rebates are 6,900 and this place wants me to pay $599 with 1,600 down. Crazy

Just goes to show they could make the best car in the world but so long as the dealers are playing games this matters not. Now imagine their service department…


I went to test drive a K900 yesterday. The ‘manager’ will not allow me to even test drive unless I complete a credit application! He gave a lame excuse that potential K900 owners do not want to purchase a car with a lot of miles - so he vets buyers for ‘seriousness’ by running their credit :roll_eyes:. This K900, BTW, is on their lot for months.

KIA can launch as many Stinger and K900 as they want, but they will not win any customer from MB/BMW/Lexus with this kind of dealer network.

Sorry for hijacking the thread OP. Had to rant a little because yesterday’s experience really pissed me off.

I take it they have no service/sale demos they could loan out for a day?

When I get this response I can pull up my FICO on AMEX app and checking account balance on my Chase app, if I still get any guff I thank them for their time and see myself out (if I’m feeling nice)

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Nope. Just 4 new K900 in the inventory. One was in the center of the showroom with lots of decals: “Concord KIA is proud to present K900” — probably to impress the Soul buyers.

K900’s interior is actually better than what I am cross-shopping (BMW 540i), but the dealership experience leaves a lot to be desired. Pity.