Stinger GT Lease $404/month / $4223 DAS - Good deal?


I was offered this deal on a Stinger GT lease. I plan to do a lease buyout. Does this look like a good deal?

$404/month / $4223 DAS / 24 month / 12k miles

I’m fairly certain that MF is wrong. Should be ~.00196. You can also probably do better on the discount

Thanks. How much discount should I aim for on a GT?

I wouldn’t do any less than 10%. That should be pretty easy to get. But I’d be looking at aged inventory, that’s been sitting for a few months and shoot towards 15% before incentives. I will say, that Texas tax situation is gonna make this a rough lease in general though.

$580 a month WOW. . I saw a battleship gray one on the street the other day and it was nice but not $580.

This Stinger has the same MSRP as your post. Cargurus shows a great price is discounted 11.25%. Some expand your search radius and get more quotes.

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You can definitely find a better discounted one. Believe it or not I myself was offered a leftover 2018 GT2 AWD Red from a nearby dealer (Koons Kia) for 40k sale price ( ~53.5k msrp iirc) no bs. I didn’t qualify for anything other than new grad. No, it wasn’t a demo. It just sat due to horrible lease support, and lack of folks wanting to spent ~50k on a Kia. Even now they have 14+ gt2s sitting on their lot being advertised at 41-43k sale price after qualifying for all incentives. Wouldn’t hurt to checkout the GTs and GT1s to see if you can work something out. Gt is advertised at 29k sale price after qualifying for all incentives, so maybe 34-35k sale price? Worth a shot

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Thanks for your feedback. So, I guess I should be aiming to get the sale price under 35k before applying any incentives.