Still looking for a lease on a BMW 5 series

any hookups? Anyone want to refer someone they know will work a deal and not try to squeeze me dry?

I have been reading about 528xis leasing for $350 but in my neck of the woods I am getting $550 at best.

Looking for either as 528xi or 535xi, drive about 10k miles a year and maybe a 36 mo lease.

Would like to keep payments around mid to high 300s not including tax.

any takers?

What State are you in?

A five series for 350 is like a unicorn. You need to find a heavily discounted loaner , full msd and have all the incentives available (loyalty, USAA etc etc). Absent that, very little chance and if you live in a state that taxes the whole value, then forget it.

I’m still waiting for my tesla model 3 but I’d be very tempted to get a 5 series for mid 300s! Let me know if you manage that. I’m in SoCal.