Stelvio TI AWD 2019 Lease Question MSRP $50,290.00

Good evening everyone,

Doing some shopping around and was able to receive an offer for an 2019 Stelvio TI AWD MSRP- $50,290 for $510.00 per month (all taxes fees etc included within this Payment) with $1000.00 due at signing which includes the first month in this amount.

36/10 and 24/10 are just a couple of cents difference…

Without having additional numbers in front of me do these numbers look like a good deal?

Thank you in advance.

There are few other threads with 2019 Stelvio deals.

Here is one posted by a broker –

Your numbers seem close to what the broker is offering.

@nyclife has this deal now in the NY area

Thanks so much for that info, however I have seen the post and it looks like this deal only has/had specific and limited inventory… :frowning:

Interested in having some choice and wish their was more available on the 18’ cars…, however in being picky the car I was quoted is a 19’ with a black exterior/ red interior pano roof, 20inch wheels, navigation, heated rear, etc. etc.

Looking to see if this is generally the best I could expect on a 19’ at this MSRP or if I am off by any sort of margin with these numbers. Additionally is it preferable to go with a 24/10 or 36/10 if they generally come out to exact same amounts from the monthly perspective… thanks in advance!

Definitely do 24/10 on any FCA product when you can. They’re just not super reliable (and I have a Jeep). If it’s basically the same payment, take 24

Thank you for that piece of advice :slight_smile:

agreed with taking 24, also a costly service at 36/30k miles

Makes perfect sense, thank you!

Hey everyone, just wondering if there were any other opinions on this deal as I am scheduled to return back to the dealer in the coming days…

Much appreciated in advance!

Looking for similar - can you PM the details?