Stelvio Quadrifoglio? Lease?

How’s this deal for an Alfa Romeo Stelvio quadrifoglio?

Calculator link

The stelvio quadrifoglio is a terrible leasing car in general. Have you checked that the rv is correct?
You can find it by asking in the Edmund’s forum.

The discount you’re getting is good, unfortunately it doesn’t make up enough for the rest of the lease components that are sinking this deal.
If you really love the car perhaps look into financing it. You’re paying $38k for 3 years. If you can get a similar sales price for financing, maybe rolling the dice that it will be worth more than $27k after 3 years. Not for the faint of heart, but then again driving a quadrifoglio isnt either.

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The lease program is hot garbage but at least the rent charge isn’t obscene. If the RV is off, OP can recoup the difference selling for trading it in. I’d spend the time to do the math on both options.

There are also a smattering of new 2019’s out there that no longer have lease support, might be able to do even better on one of those.

Seems like they hold their value surprisingly well for an unreliable expensive to maintain FCA product.

I do love the car. I have a Guilia now (non-quad) and I live in New England so I want the 4wd.

I’m unfamiliar with buying at the end of the lease, do you get the option to buy it for the residual value?

Yes, plus some fees.

He means just straight up finance it though.


Thanks btw.

Another question; is the RV based on the MSRP or the sell price?

What difference would that make? Money factor is low. If the car is worth more than the RV I can just buy it at the end and trade it in right?

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So the RV is not $27k, its $36k right?

Yes. Please read leasing 101 in top right corner, it will answer some ?s you might have, and explain the math behind a lease.

If you really need a Stelvio Quad, finance a 19 using the awesome finance programs right now, leasing support was discontinued last month.

Money factor is not really ‘low’, you’re still looking at $138/mo or $5k total rent charge. But yeah it’s not crazy high.

Check your options out and let us know what you decide to do!

Thanks all,

I was thinking about the money factor compared to “APR” if I lease it and then buy out the lease at the end if I’m above water.


Another thing to keep in mind is how your local tax is structured on leases.
If you are taxed only on monthly payments it will likely be less tax than if you’re taxed on total vehicle selling price.
When it comes to buying out the lease, if you sell it directly to a third party dealer i.e. vroom, carvana, you wont pay sales tax on the buyout.

Rent charge is not the same as finance charge.

Rent charge is a constant $/month. Finance charge is compounding and reduces with principal.

You’d need to compare rent charge over a 3 year lease to a finance amortization table for 3 years to see the difference in cost.

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