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Just got my beautiful Volvo XC90 through Paul. He is very nice professional and made the whole process much easier than I thought (even I was residing out of state!)

He also spent time walking me through everything about the car since I never had a Volvo before. Made my life easier! Signing all of the documents only took a few minutes. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

Thank you Paul!

Thank you for your business and trust

We leased a Demo BMW through stellar just as the pandemic was shutting everything down. Paul stayed in contact and kept us updated throughout the process. When the car was delivered it was smooth and easy. One of the keys was not working and the car was missing the tire repair kit, Paul assured us it would be taken care of. A week later we received a new key and when the parts department opened back up the tire repair kit was sent. Car is great and we are extremely happily with the transaction. Thanks again!image

Thank you @stellarauto

After browsing this forum for a couple months I decided to reach out to Paul via his website form just last Thursday Night. Not even 3 full business days later, I took delivery of my new 2020 BMW i8. At $1097/mo for 36/12, I’m very happy with the deal and more than pleased with the process. Paul was extremely responsive via text and on the phone, helped get my credit app approved, and ensured that all of my documents/insurance were in order. The car was delivered today with all the necessary paperwork, Paul’s associate who delivered the car was great at walking me through the docs as I signed them, and the numbers on the official lease matched exactly what Paul and I had agreed on, down to the penny.
Thanks Paul! Hoping to get many more cars from you in the future.

I was looking for an xc60 inscription with advanced package back in April. When Costco rolled out their rebate in May, I was all set to go. Contacted another broker I was speaking with figuring I was going to get a sweet deal. To my dismay his dealer pulled some rebates he had, and I was being quoted almost same money with the Costco rebate, as I would have gotten without it at the end of April.

I kept looking and saw Paul listed a demo unit xc60. I reached out in the evening on Thursday, got a reply on Friday morning that the listed car didn’t have advanced but he had one that wasn’t listed yet. Paul provided the numbers, they were exactly what I was looking for so I put in a credit application. Come the following Tuesday, Paul dropped off the car at my house.

Being a demo and during the pandemic, the dealership which was not fully open did forget to install the wheel locks and metallic frame holders which were part of the protection package. I also found my 2nd key didn’t work. Throughout the process Paul was very responsive, he followed up about the plates/registration/missing items. He had the dealership reach out and schedule an appointment to correct all the issues. It was handled professionally and without any hint of a charge.

Overall, I’m very impressed by the whole experience. His fee is well worth the ease of a great deal and the attention he provides to his clients. I’ve already shared his info with 2 potentially interested parties, and plan to come back to him when my lease is up.

Thanks Paul!

I got my beautiful X5 from Paul! I highly recommended his service! I found Paul’s contact in this forum. He replied super actively to me and he quickly found a great deal! The discount is super, the best I can find out online!

Paul also provide follow up services after my purchase. He did documentation works and regularly follow up with me.

I am not really good at writing, but I hope I can share my happiness with you, Paul!

Thank you, Paul!

Thank you sir

Thank you
I appreciate your patience

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I got an amazing deal on a BMW X3 Demo from Paul. He was very quick to respond to all my questions and provided follow up services. I think it was the first time I got a car without being hit with a surprise fee.

I am so glad that I decided to get my lease via Paul and will continue to be a customer in the future.

Thank you Paul!!!

Thank you for your trust and business
enjoy the car

Paul has exceeded my expectations as a salesperson for these cars. I put in a request by line item on the well managed excel sheet and heard from him directly within an hour of the request. The numbers and math were exact and there wasn’t any hassle from Paul. Within the week I had a demo S60 Inscription in perfect condition. Thanks Paul

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Thank you
enjoy your car

This has been the most exciting car acquisition that I have had. It has been a pleasure to work with Paul throughout this process. I could never have imagined how simple and easy it would have been to obtain my BMW M5 competition package that is pretty much fully loaded and the exact built I wanted if it wasn’t for Paul. From the time I decided to bite the bullet and jump on the decision of buying my dream car the whole process was completed in a week. I reached out to Paul about a car I was interested in that he had posted, Paul called me and explained how the process works and ran the numbers with me of what the lease terms would be like -of note, there were no surprises and everything was as expected and payments were exactly what he said they would be. Then he COMPLETELY took care of all the dealership’s paperwork, had it Fedex’ed to me overnight for signatures, then I sent it back and the car was ready to pick up. It took 3 days for it to be shipped from NY metro area to South FL and the next thing I knew was I was seeing my childhood dream car being delivered to my driveway. I knew the entire process was worth it when I sat in the brand new M5 comp for the first time and I started the engine and heard the beast turn on was a thing of beauty. I still couldn’t believe myself how easy the entire process was going through Stellar Auto and Paul who got me the best deal out there for my BMW M5. Looking forward to the next car i get through Paul and will definitely be referring my friends and family to Paul. Thank you!!!


Thank you
enjoy your car

Paul did a great job getting me a deal on a X3m. I’ve used many brokers in the past and have found Paul to be the most responsive and detailed with his responses. Thanks Paul.

Very responsive and easy to work with. Paul handled everything. All I had to do was sign a few times and drive off. Thumbs up!

Thanks to Paul at Stellar Auto Leasing for my 21 BMW X5 M50i. This is the first time I used a broker and it could not have gone any smoother. Once the deal was made, I sent deposit and the next day I had a build #. Paul kept me updated along the way and any questions I had were immediately answered. When the car arrived, I met him at the dealership and I was in and out in 15 minutes. A true professional :+1:

Thank you Micael
enjoy the car