State disclosure/State specific threads

Since lease deals are dependent on which state you live in, is there any way to create a tag for the state you are in so we can search and filter deals by state?

I keep seeing great deals on Volts in California which is offering a energy credit that many other states don’t get and they are making me jealous so i’d rather not see them.

You’re talking of a microcosm of the lease hacking universe (electric cars in CA), so attempting to re-engineer this site just to alleviate your emotional envy probably isn’t going to be a priority for the admins.

Ok. but besides electric cars don’t some incentives vary by state?

Incentives and moneyfactors will vary by the marketing regions associated with each car manufacturer or lender. Some lenders are only active in specific states.

Each manufacturer/lender has their own region definitions and sometimes will have different regions for specific brands. For instance, Toyota has 12 marketing regions (10 for TMS plus GST and SET) while Lexus has 4. Sometimes you can google your way into figuring out the region specifics for a specific brand but there is no central spot I know of to understand the breakup.

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