Starting a lease remotely

So I should of sorted my crap out before I left on holiday to the UK. Don’t have a car at home and ideally need one PDQ on return to NJ.

Challenge here is I might not be able to get to a dealership before the morning of the 4th Jan, but I am assuming best deals will be in the next couple of weeks.

Happy to sign for lease remotely to secure a deal, is that even possible, or how would people suggest I go about securing a deal ? Maybe COVID has enabled this. I can give dealer a FedEx account number to send paperwork to etc.

Sorry for maybe a dumbass question from a stupid Brit :grinning:

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No guarantee that a deal done before years end will be the best. A lot depends on what you’re looking at. Something like a BMW might be a better deal the first couple months of 2021, especially a leftover 2020

Park Avenue Acura has very aggressive discounts on the ILX, TLX, and MDX (plus a significant amount of inventory right now). If you are interested, I can provide a connection who is on this website, that will provide you upfront MF + RV, and total cost.

Might want to work with a broker on this one.

If you call a dealer with whom you have no prior connection with the above story, they might think you’re a Nigerian prince.