Stalker? Anybody else have stalkers from this site?

I asked a guy for a copy of a contract and he has turned into a major weirdo!

He keeps sending me stuff about himself and who he is. Trying to compare me with him. Talking about my house, his house, my cars, his cars. What he has, what I have but now he is talking about my kids and my family. Where my kids go to school and how my kids are being raised. This has gone to far for me.

I don’t think he is who he says he is and really don’t care. If he is actually this person he is a sad case for a human!

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PM the @Trusted Hackrs group

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creepy. hopefully you blurred out your personal info on the contract.

I asked him for a contract, so no info. This dude is weird!

oh ok. so block him. unless he is messaging you through the site.

Don’t worry, he’s reading this post right meow :cat2:


Do you have any pets?

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So why did you engage with him in the first place? You must have been getting something out of it. Add @trusted_hackrs to your PM dialogue if it’s that bad.

Why are you engaging with me now? It’s how this site works. You’re a trusted hackr and you respond with that :man_facepalming: Maybe a buddy of yours?

Because this sounds like something that my 6 year old daughter would bring home to me. Complaining about bickering with someone when the solution is to stop bickering.

If it’s actually threatening to you and bothering you then I gave you the solution so that we can take action.


if You have a serious problem, please PM @trusted_hackrs

How do we know it’s not him who’s a weirdo framing some guy?

Why would anyone frame someone named Michael Cohen?


Bored weirdo?