Sry Repost Please help With NY DEAL. New To Leasing

2016 3.0 Q50 premium fully loaded with tech, navi, delux pack, leather etc… He said MSRP is is 53,125. Selling it for 47,625. He gave me a residual of 12K MILES 51% and a MF at .00003. This seems like a not good deal. I am really getting confused reading all info on forums. Oh, to throw in the mix i have a car that valued at 19,000-22,000 that i want to trade in . I only owe 9,666 on it. I want to lease though because of all the benefits of leasing. . Please help me a little . I have done tons of research but i am getting confused. I think it might be safer for me to just purchase an 2015 premium fully loaded with 12k for 38,005 otd ?

Do the trade separate. Also get more off msrp.

Thank you . Yes, i know trade is done seperate but its just throws things off cause i have equity in it and that get confusing when leasing especially it my first time. Whats a good msrp? I look on kbb and it gives me all different numbers on what car is worth. I think because i essentially I am building it cause there are no premiums that have all options equipped like i want? the numbers are messed up. anbody else with some extensive info

Edmunds has a lot of info on their forum. Depends how bad you want the car. Can get the same if not better deal on a c300 or 328.

Trust , i have been you tubing, edmunds, cargurus , so much but its all geting confusing. I am about to just say foregt everything. All i want is a fair deal like everyone else. I aint trying to take guy to cleaners.

MF looks correct and the residual is set by Infiniti. 6k seems like what other people are getting off. Push for more if you want or walk.